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Star Trek: Discovery Making Its Way to UK’s Channel 4

Star Trek: Discovery jumps to UK television. The once streaming show will be making the transition to Channel 4 in 2020.

CBS Studios International has struck up a deal with Channel 4. The new licensing agreement is for the “linear television premiere” of Star Trek: Discovery.  The deal also covers the CBS owned comedy series Man with a Plan starring Matt Leblanc.

Star Trek: Discovery will still exclusively be shown on CBS All Access in the United States and on Netflix in the United Kingdom. The deal with Channel 4 will allow the network to start airing Discovery from the first episode. All-new episodes will still premiere on their respective streaming networks.

“We’re excited to bring the linear television rights for Star Trek: Discovery to the international market and launch in the U.K. with our valued friends at Channel 4,” said Barry Chamberlain, President of Sales, CBS Studios International, in a press release. “This agreement features the best of both worlds – premium subscription content from a global franchise and a very popular network comedy from America’s Most-Watched Network. Channel 4 is already a licensee for several of our top-rated franchises, including The Good Fight and Charmed, and we are confident they will have continued success with Star Trek: Discovery and Man with a Plan.”

Discovery has been renewed for a third season on CBS All Access. Star Trek: Picard is set to debut at the start of 2020. Trek may be at a standstill on the silver screen, but CBS is going full throttle when it comes to television. There is also an animated show and a rumored third live-action production in the works.

U.S. fans are still waiting for Trek to makes its way back to television. We will take what we can get on streaming services, but franchise shouldn’t be held behind a paywall; at least not forever.

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