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10 Worst Outfits In Star Trek, Ranked

In a futuristic universe, it makes sense that fashion would evolve and change over hundreds of years. Especially, of course, after so much cultural exchange with other species. Being from another time and space doesn't excuse Star Trek from terrible fashion, though. Sometimes, some looks are so bad that they'd be horrible in any universe. Even beloved captains aren't free from scrutiny. Just because they save planets doesn't mean they have fantastic fashion sense.

The franchise has had a lot of great costumes, and also a lot of bad ones.

Here are the 10 Worst Outfits In Star Trek, Ranked.

10 Neelix

There are a lot of outfits worse than anything Neelix has worn. However, there are few characters that ever dressed as consistently badly as him. Every single one of Neelix's shirts had those holographic effects that were unpleasant to the eye, his outfits often included gaudy vests, and his clothes in general were unflattering.

The writers didn't do the best job in making Neelix's obnoxious traits more endearing, but they could have at least asked to get him dressed better. It doesn't help his case when he's even obnoxious to look at.

Of all Star Trek characters (with the exception of some illogical catsuits) he's by far the worst dressed overall. That doesn't excuse some terrible one-off looks, though.

9 Q's Judge Wear

Somehow this outfit is wonderful and terrible all at once. It's such a memorable, iconic look with its bright reds and ridiculous hat. Q's helplessly bored face helps, too, of course.

But at the same time, iconic doesn't mean good. Not only is the judge costume huge and clunky and horrible, but it looks so much like TNG's surgeon uniform. Also, if a judge ever actually looked like that, covered in red and menacing, it would be horrifying.