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Top 10 Vulcans In Star Trek, Ranked

While humanity totally runs in the show in every Star Trek series, their closest allies are, by far, the Vulcans. This logical species were first to greet the ambitious, passionate earthlings when they reached warp drive and stood by them on their journey to becoming a galactic superpower. Even though the Vulcans and humans didn't always agree, they did always end up working together for the greater good.

Throughout Star Trek, fans have met and fallen in love with so many Vulcans. However, which ones have done the most good for history? Here are the 10 Best Vulcans in Star Trek, Ranked.

10 Elizabeth

Even though she was a tiny little Vulcan and she didn't live long, Elizabeth was an important step in Vulcan and human relations. As far as records show, Elizabeth was the first human/Vulcan hybrid to be born. People didn't know if the species were even compatible, so her birth was also a step forward in scientific discovery.

Humans and Vulcans may butt heads often, especially during the time Elizabeth was born in, her existence was proof of their capabilities to integrate, physically and mentally. This helped the two species find more common ground and form The Federation.

9 Patar

Patar was a Vulcan admiral who helped run Section 31. While she was known to be an extremist, she did want what was best for the galaxy. She was willing to risk her life for that principle and, ultimately, did. Section 31 already was a complex risk-assessment group, doing dangerous jobs to try to prevent war and disasters from ever happening. Patar was dedicated to using their Control system, an AI that asessed dangers in the universe. While her choice to give control of Section 31 to Control was bold and ended the lives of everyone at Section 31 headquarters, Control did save several important people like Spock and Burnham.

Her decisions may not have always been sound, but she helped save key members of the galaxy, even if it took her life.

8 Sybok

While most people only know Spock, Sarek had another son: Sybok. He was older than Spock and grew up to be a revolutionary, wanting more for Vulcans than incorrigible logic. Sybok eventually settled on religion, leading a group that believed in a God that they had to find somewhere out in the universe. He even said he had visions.

In the end, though, Sybok's prophetic God was actually just an alien entity that wanted back into the Alpha Quadrant and was tricking Sybok into bringing him a ship to escape his prison. In an act of selflessness, Sybok sacrificed himself so the Enterprise could leave without taking the alien. Even though no one really knows what he did, he saved the galaxy and that's incredible.

7 Tuvok

Tuvok was a fairly typical Vulcan and Starfleet officer before Voyager. He was dedicated to his duty, his friends, and his family. He stayed stoic and rose slowly up the ranks as his years went on. However, the second that Voyager was flung into the Delta Quadrant, everything changed.

During his time on Voyager, Tuvok helped other crewmates with emotional struggles, survived assimilation, saved the ship countless times, and helped destroy a huge Borg hub. There were so many other situations, but that's just a taste. He went above and beyond to help out his crew and did something no one had ever done before: came home from the Delta Quadrant.

6 T'Pol

When the Enterprise first shoved out into space, the Vulcan High Command insisted one of their operatives join the ship to observe. They sent along T'Pol, an intelligent young Vulcan. Over time, though, T'Pol learned to respect the crew and eventually resigned from Vulcan High Command to join them officially as their first officer.

With Vulcan/human tensions so high, T'Pol made revolutionary steps in convincing the people of Vulcan to accept humanity as well as convince humanity that Vulcans weren't so scary. As the first Vulcan in Starfleet, she changed the course of human/Vulcan relations forever. Especially after she and Trip (unwillingly) had Elizabeth.

5 T'Pau

Vulcans highly value their philosophers and diplomats, and T'Pau is no exception. Revered for her involvement in revealing the true teaching of Surak, she helped revolutionize Vulcan society with the refined information. Over the years, she dedicated her life to caring for Vulcan and doing whatever she could to improve their place in the galaxy.

T'Pau refused to be on the Federation Council, but she always defined herself by her work for Vulcan. Whether it's important diplomatic meetings or officiating Spock's wedding, T'Pau was a Vulcan for the people. Of course, her people would revere someone so devoted to them.

4 Soval

The Vulcan ambassador during the time of Captain Archer, Soval was initially pretty rude to humanity. However, over time he worked with them and T'Pol to form closer relationships with Vulcan. Though he is hardly a perfect man, his time leading Vulcan High Command led to a lot of big changes for the planet and the formation of The Federation. Considering The Federation becomes one of the leading powers in the galaxy, that's quite an impactful decision.

He may have taken some time to warm up to humanity, and may still not love them, but he helped change the future and that's what matters.

3 Sarek

Before Spock became such an ambitious ambassador, there was his father, Sarek. Not only was he the greatest mediator ever to live, but Sarek also defied tradition by marrying a human. And not only did he marry a human, but he married two of them and had a half-human son and adopted a human daughter.

While Sarek was always a serious man, he also was a progressive that always pushed the boundaries of Vulcan culture. Underneath his strong jaw and stern methods, he loved his wives and children dearly. His work as a father and as an ambassador made him an influential Vulcan who changed history.

2 Surak

Almost all of modern Vulcan culture is based on the teachings of one man: Surak. Many Vulcans consider this philosopher and scientist as the greatest man who ever lived. While his human equivalencies are Einstein and Newton, the way that Vulcan culture treats him is more akin to Jesus Christ. There are idols of him everywhere, thousands of copies of his ideas, and everyone uses his principles as a system of moral and cultural code. The teachings of Surak are the closest thing the Vulcans have to a religion, and it's one they take very seriously.

If Surak didn't exist, Vulcans wouldn't be the fiercely rational people that Star Trek fans adore. He is undoubtedly an amazing Vulcan that deserves so much praise.

1 Spock

In TOS, Spock already was an amazing first officer and friend, helping to save pockets of the galaxy at every turn. As he aged, though, he went from one of the best Vulcans to the leader of the future. When he became an ambassador instead of a Starfleet admiral, he shifted his focus to his people and changing their future.

Anyone interested in reunification and opening his arms to Romulus deserves so much credit. His people had shunned the Romulans for years, but both cultures deserve better than that when they are such close cousins.

Spock saved, planets, empires, and even other universes. One day Star Trek history books will treat him like the legend that he is.