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Star Trek: Discovery Producer Addresses The Possibility Of A Movie

Back in the day, Star Trek movies were direct spinoffs of the TV shows, with the casts of both The Original Series and The Next Generation starring in numerous films each. For the past decade, though, the two halves of the franchise have gone in separate directions, but some corporate reshuffling means that they could tie into each other again. Given that, is it possible that we could see a Star Trek: Discoverymovie at some point?

TrekCore asked this question to showrunner Alex Kurtzman, and he didn’t rule out the idea. That said, the EP – who will co-run the series with Michelle Paradise from season 3 onward – didn’t commit to anything either and stressed that it would have to come from the need to tell a story in that format.

In case you’re unaware, CBS and Viacom recently merged, bringing the rights to Star Trek on both the small and big screens under the same roof for the first time in 15 years. CBS CEO David Nevins has said that there are active plans afoot to build up the brand, with a particular view to appealing to a younger audience.

So, has Kurtzman had to change his plans for the future of Trek on TV? Apparently not, according to what he said to Trek Core.

That slate of shows includes two animated series – one for adults, one for kids – a Section 31 spinoffShort Treksand, of course, PicardAs for Star Trek: Discoverythat one returns to CBS All Access for its third season sometime in 2020.

Source: Trek Core