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10 Classic Star Trek Characters That Deserve Their Own Show

Ever since CBS acquired the rights to make a Star Trek show, they have been forging the path for a new Trek-based Renaissance. So many shows are in the works to wow fans who have been waiting for content for years. The 90s and early 2000s were so good to Star Trek, and it's about time the fandom has its time again.

The most notable upcoming series, by far, is Picard. The classic character is being revitalized for a new story. Fans are ecstatic, but Jean-Luc Picard is hardly the only character they wish they could see more of. Here are 10 Classic Star Trek Characters That Deserve Their Own Show.

10 Pike

Discovery made fans fall in love with the abandoned first captain of the Enterprise, Christopher Pike. Unfortunately, Pike didn't stay forever. Eventually, the charming and thoughtful leader left the Discovery for his own ship. While fans wish he stayed, who wouldn't want to captain the beautiful, mighty Enterprise? He had his own crew to explore the galaxy with.

Since Pike's departure, fans have been asking for a series all about him and his Enterprise crew. TOS covered the future crew with Kirk, but until now little to no story time has been spent on Pike as the famed ship's leader. If CBS listened, Pike would be having great adventures across TV screens yesterday. But fans would settle for a show in the future.

9 Harry Kim

Of all the long-suffering Trek characters, Harry Kim is the winner of having a rough time. Over his seven years on Voyager, he was constantly the sacrificial lamb, he could never find romance, and Janeway refused to promote him. Even Paris got promoted, demoted, and promoted again and got married. Most of Kim's love interests ended in horrible tragedy.

With how dedicated he was to Voyager, risking his life countless times, Kim deserved at least one promotion or something else good in his life. Trek could really make that up to him by giving him his own show, letting him be the Captain Kim that fans only got to see a few minutes of in the Voyager finale.

8 Dax

Trills first joined the Star Trek universe in TNG, but they got their own starring role in DS9. Dax was a decorated Starfleet officer, living several lifetimes as a member of the organization. Last fans saw Dax, they joined with Ezri after the traumatic passing of Jadzia Dax and helped DS9 and The Federation win The Dominion War.

Dax has always been a fascinating character, an entity passing through several complex identities and personalities. At the very least, a Trill deserves to take center stage again in a Star Trek series. However, it would be even better for fans to learn more about a new Dax or explore the previous Dax's.

7 Wesley Crusher

Now, before fans pick up pitchforks, they should hear the explanation. Last Trekkies saw of Wesley Crusher, he ditched Starfleet and joined The Traveler to explore time and space. Over the seasons, the show made Wes out to be this super-genius, annoyingly pretentious child. They had to write him off after the corner they wrote him into as some sort of future great person.

With years of writing and far better child characters, Star Trek should give Wesley Crusher the second chance he deserves. Wil Wheaton is a super nerd and a better actor now, and it would be fascinating to see what young Crusher and The Traveler were up to for so many years.

6 Jake Sisko

Speaking of child characters, DS9 did a great job with Jake Sisko from the beginning. His relationship with his father, Nog, and the world around him was believable and heartfelt.

If CBS wants to try completely new styles of Trek shows, there's no better story to follow than Jake Sisko's. Unlike other typical Star Trek heroes, Jake isn't an officer, but a writer. During the Dominion War, he was a journalist on the front lines, trying to tell the true story of the battles. In his theoretical future, he traveled the galaxy to write powerful stories. Telling a more artistic side of Star Trek's universe could really be a game-changer.

5 Spock

Spock has been a fan-favorite character since Leonard Nimoy first played him in the 70s. While the amazing man himself can't play his classic character anymore, he's been rebooted in Ethan Peck. Discovery has found its voice exploring the younger versions of Sarek's family, including Michael Burnham and Spock himself.

Fans can't go back and demand a Spock show led by Nimoy, but they can demand one with the next best thing. Whether it's a series on Pike's Enterprise or stories of Spock's own adventures, the most popular character in Star Trek deserves to be the main character of his own show again.

4 Miral Paris

This might be a novel choice, but Miral Paris has so much she could offer the Star Trek world. The daughter of two people who spent seven years in the Delta Quadrant, and an underground Starfleet officer in an alternate timeline, Miral is clearly a fascinating young woman.

Fans have been desperate for stories further in the future than DS9. Other than the upcoming Picard, the Star Trek franchise has been stuck in the past for over a decade now. For a series with a fresher but still classic face, writers should look no further than Miral Paris. An intelligent, capable legacy, she deserves a shot to have her own new, altered timeline story to be told.

3 Garak

Hands down, one of the best characters in DS9 was the enigmatic Garak. Fans loved his secrets and his fascinating relationship with Dr. Bashir. Even though he kept on telling everyone he was just a simple tailor, Trekkies always knew he was more than that. The only surprising part is how much more than that he really was.

At the end of DS9, Garak was shipped back off to Cardassia to try to help rebuild the home he was exiled from years ago. Between the fact fans have seen little of Cardassia and the fandom love for Garak, getting his own series would be a fascinating step in Star Trek lore. After all, they've never had a series center on another species' home before.

2 Reginald Barclay

Okay, Reginald Barclay was kinda the worst when fans first met him. His social anxiety was understandable, but him manipulating caricatures of his crew-mates into characters who adored him was creepy. Especially considering what he did to Deanna. Over time, though, Reg learned how to interact with his fellow engineers and how to better contribute his skills. After all, before he was an okay engineer often late for duty. Afterward, he became one of the strongest engineers on the Enterprise.

Between TNG and Voyager, Reg really grew to show his worth. A series on how the awkward engineer developed further and made more technological advances would be fascinating. His growth definitely deserves to be showcased after he's worked so hard.

1 Worf

Of course, few Star Trek characters deserve their own show more than Worf. Not only has his character been begging for further development and his own happy ending, but his actor (Michael Dorn) has been trying to get a Captain Worf series going for years. While fans all love Captain Picard and are excited for the new show, Dorn deserves better. Few actors love their character as much as Dorn did and Worf could be perfect exploration into further Klingon culture, his relationship with his son, and so much more.

Captain Worf or fans riot, CBS. It's as simple as that.