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10 Classic Star Trek Organizations That Deserve Their Own Show

With a whole wide universe to draw from, Star Trek has a lot of amazing characters, species, and planets. CBS has been having a field day, exploring new stories for the franchise in Discovery, Picard, Lower Decks, and more. One of the most distinct and unique series they have in the making is Section 31, following the enigmatic shadow agency and one of its most fearsome operatives, Philippa Georgiou.

Fans have been wanting to know more about Section 31 since its debut in DS9. After an amazing story in Discovery, CBS is giving the fans what they want. But there are so, so many more Star Trek organizations that fans are desperate to know more about.

Here are 10 Classic Star Trek Organizations That Deserve Their Own Show.

10 Obsidian Order

While every government in the galaxy seems to have a secret service, one of the most fascinating is the Obsidian Order. They are one of the most ruthless and are known for complex, undercover missions and intense torture treatments (there are four lights). They don't just infiltrate, they are like a secret police force that terrorizes species across the universe as well as their own people.

Cardassia would not be the superpower it became without the order. Of course, it would bring back one of its most infamous operatives to help rebuild Cardassia after the Dominion War. Seeing the Obsidian Order in action, whether in the past or the future would make for a fascinating show.

9 Red Squad

When Nog was at Starfleet Academy, there was an elite group of students called Red Squad. They went on experimental missions, got extra training, and were expected to be high-flying officers the second they graduated.

However, many of Red Squad ended up stranded in The Dominion War, manning a vessel in the middle of enemy territory when the older officers perished. Unfortunately, Red Squad themselves were wiped out when they arrogantly decided to fight off a Jem'Hadar ship themselves and failed.

Placing young cadets in such high regard is always dangerous and exploring that at Starfleet or in Dominion Space could make for good television.

8 Vulcan Science Academy

The Vulcan Science Academy is a high honor on Vulcan that has been mentioned for decades but rarely explored. This Academy is the greatest place of learning for Vulcans and they churn out fabulous scientists and officers that make great discoveries in the name of Vulcan.

Vulcans have always been side characters, but beloved ones. Getting a peek into their home world would be a monumental experience that Trekkies would relish. While a Vulcan Science Academy show would have to come with a great hook and main character, even a few episodes set there would be fantastic.

7 The Dominion

DS9 introduced countless wonderful, horrible groups. After all, it was the show that revealed Section 31, something that's getting its own show now. Another DS9 group that is particularly fascinating is The Dominion. A conglomerate of several races coerced into serving the Founders, by the time they reach Federation space they are an intimidating superpower threatening the galaxy's freedoms.

However, fans have been vaguely told that it wasn't always like that. Species used to torment and oppress the Founders. A series exploring their persecution and rise to power would be a fascinating, albeit dark, story. CBS could really make a great series about that.

6 Department of Temporal Investigations

While this group mostly dealt with the crew of the Voyager, they cleaned up temporal anomalies all over space and time. Most of the time, fans only saw them as finger-waggling cops always scolding Federation members for one thing or another. However, in the rare moments we got to see a more human side of them, they clearly have their own dynamics and systems.

Ultimately, fans don't know enough about this enigmatic and unpredictable group. If CBS made a show about them, it could be a fascinating time-travel adventure like Legends of Tomorrow but set in the Star Trek universe. With the Department of Temporal Investigations, fans could experience even more moments in Trek history that they wish they understood better.

5 Q Continuum

Talking about enigmas, few groups make less sense than the Q Continuum. They seem to have nearly endless abilities, but also have countless confusing rules about not interfering too much in different cultures and planets.

Maybe a show about the Q would be wild, bizarre, and might not make much sense. However, fans could get a real kick out of seeing the gloss peeled away to understand the Q better. If they can mess in human affairs so willy-nilly, why not have humanity explore theirs, too?

If fans are lucky, they may even be able to get John De Lancie back to star in the show. Is this a ploy to bring Q back? Perhaps. He's just great, okay?

4 Andorian Empire

For as long as the Andorians have been involved in Star Trek lore, it's practically criminal how little they are involved in any series. According to Star Trek records, they are an antagonistic species that often are in conflict with the Vulcans. They are blue and have a very unique look.

Considering the fact they are so close to Earth one would think fans see them more often, but nope. Clear up all unnecessary mystery about these guys, writers! Let fans see stories surrounding this long-time species that have never gotten enough coverage. Take a break from the beloved Vulcans, Klingons, and Romulans and explore the Andorians.

3 Klingon Medical Division

Okay, perhaps a decade ago this prospect would not have been nearly as interesting. But since the "Klingons are secretly genius geneticists" theory has been all but confirmed, fans need to know more. If they can clone long-gone legends, change a Klingon to look and act like a human, and edit their own genes for specific traits, there is so much more going on behind the scenes.

The scientific side of Klingon culture should be explored and it would make for a fantastic series. After all, no one really knows or realizes their capabilities. While other species hide their intelligence agencies, Klingons hide their scientists.

The medical world of Qo'Nos could be so much more fascinating than fans ever knew.

2 Orion Syndicate

The Orion Syndicate has existed in Star Trek lore from Pike's days all the way through the final season of DS9, over a hundred years (and possibly still going). This crime organization loves to blackmail wealthy people into becoming their personal minions. Considering people are willing to end their lives rather than cross the Orion Syndicate, this mob has more power than many governments.

However, other than sparse episodes, the Orion Syndicate has never been explored much and certainly hasn't had any trouble with the heroes. A series following a cop trying to take them down or just a show exploring the syndicate itself would be an amazing thing to watch.

1 The Borg Rebellion

Last, but certainly not least, a great organization to make a show about would be the Borg Rebellion. When the Enterprise left Hugh on that planet with other individual Borg, they were planning to rebel against the Collective. Other than one-off episodes with Seven, the concept of an organized Borg rebellion was dropped.

Considering the Borg are one of the fan-favorite enemies, a new perspective of freed Borg fighting against the system that made them would be fascinating, complex, and amazing. Fans would love to see what happened to Hugh after the Enterprise left and how his movement progressed.

Since Picard seems to include a lot of Borg, hopefully Trekkies can get their fill of great Borg Rebellion content.

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