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Star Trek: Picard EP Says Patrick Stewart’s Input Was Priceless

Star Trek is one of the most enduring franchises in the history of cinema and television. It’s continuously been on screens, in some form or another, since the 1960s, when the original show was airing on CBS.

Now, a spinoff series following, arguably the most popular Star Trek captain, Jean-Luc Picard, is on its way to screens via CBS All Access. And while there have been a lot of teases as to what the show’s going to be about, such as Picard now standing apart from the Federation, no one’s really quite sure what to expect.

What’s more, the project itself seems to have been given more freedom to develop how the creators wanted it to. In fact, co-showrunner Michael Chabon recently sat down for an interview and elaborated about the production process. Noteworthy among his comments is how much input Sir Patrick Stewart, the titular captain himself, had.

According to Chabon, Stewart was integral in establishing the foundational psychology behind the show. Given the actor’s knowledge of the franchise and love of the character, he was utilized as an invaluable resource.

Specifically, the producer stated:

It’s good to know that everyone involved is taking this show seriously and giving Picard the respect he’s due. Fans quickly get in an uproar when they feel the characters they love are being mistreated, but that doesn’t seem the case here at all.

If anything, Chabon and the rest of the creative team are doing everything they can to fashion a timely and unique story featuring one of the franchise’s most popular characters. Fingers crossed that everything pans out and hopefully when the series releases in January 2020, it’s another home run for the Star Trek universe.