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Star Trek: Top 10 Picard Romances, Ranked

While Star Trek is all about space exploration, aliens, and beyond, the series is also riddled with romance. After all, the passion of humanity is part of its charm. Star Trek itself likes to remind fans of that. Of course, then, that on their various adventures all of the main crew has a romance or two.

Ergo, it's no surprise that even one of its most serious and cultured captains has quite a few relationships up his sleeve. With Picard on its way, let's look back at his time on the Enterprise and how romantic this TNG captain got.

Here are the Top 10 Picard Romances, Ranked.

10 Kamala

Before they were Professor X and Jean Gray, Patrick Stewart and Famke Jannsen were Captain Picard and Kamala. Kamala was an empathic metamorph, a rare version of her species that can read the feelings and needs of those around her and change her personality to fit them. In theory, she's the "perfect mate". The first female of her kind born in a hundred years, she was being given as a gift to a neighboring man for political reasons.

However, she never was meant to meet the Enterprise crew. After all, she bonds with a person only after a few days. But when her stasis pod fails, she spends way too much time with one Captain Picard. Over the few days, she bonds to him and they fall in love. If only she didn't have a political duty to her people and such a weird power dynamic with Picard. They were kinda cute, in a way.

9 Anij

Anij was one of the Ba'ku leaders and also over three hundred years old. She looked super pretty for her age, though, so that didn't stop Picard from getting interested.

There's not anything wrong with Anij, per se, but her romance with Picard was silly. Before Picard, she lead her people perfectly fine. But by the end of the movie, she doesn't know what she'll do without him?

Anij's romance subplot with Picard just turned into a hopeless damsel instead of the strong leader she clearly was. Fans weren't huge fans of them together and for good reason.

8 Jenice Manheim

Over time, Picard fans learned that he had a bad habit of abandoning women who loved him. Back in the day, he dated Jenice Manheim, a Parisian beauty. They promised to meet the day before he shipped off, but he ditched her. She thought about him on and off for years.

When the Enterprise comes to her distress signal to help save her husband, she and Picard reconnect. He admits he was afraid to see her; Starfleet was his future, not a beautiful woman in Paris.

Though they look good together and their romance seemed sweet, Picard's limp reason for ghosting her sours the relationship. At least she got to say goodbye this time.

7 Marta Banatides

While Picard was very focused on his Starfleet studies, he also had a huge crush on his friend and classmate, Marta. Nothing happened between them because he was too afraid of ruining their friendship. Spoiler alert, in "Tapestry" when Q does take him back to change the past, not only does he stop a fight that almost took his life, but he actually tells Marta how he feels.

Picard was right all along. Telling her ruined their friendship.

Though his schoolboy crush was cute and they worked great together, they clearly weren't meant to be. Picard was always meant to be the high-flying star-ship captain he became.

6 Phillipa Louvois

Fans know so little about the relationship between Picard and Phillipa Louvois, but somehow it's still such a sizzling pairing. The two can't seem to agree on anything, but that makes sense when she's a super combative Starfleet judge.

Even though whatever they had is far over, she still flirts with him to get on his nerves. Sure, all of the fans know that Picard is one handsome man. But it's cool to see a woman bold enough to tell him that.

If only Phillipa could have stuck around just a little longer.

5 Nella Daren

There are very few times during Picard's run as captain that he indulges in romance, even if his old flames always seem to find him. It's especially rare for him to date while acting as leader of the Enterprise. One rare exception was Nella Daren, a stellar scientist reassigned to the Enterprise. Between their love of music and the universe, they bonded and fell in love. It was nice to see Picard in a serious romance instead of a one-off time of passion or running into an ex.

However, tragedy hit their relationship. When Nella was endangered on an away mission, Picard faltered at his job because he was worried about her. They decided that being together wasn't what was best for the ship and she faded into the background.

A brutal end to a wholesome couple.

4 Eline

Okay, perhaps this wasn't exactly Picard's romance, but it was Picard's consciousness so it should count. When Picard was hijacked by the alien time capsule to show the history and memories of the fargone people of a ruined planet, he lived a whole life as a man named Kamin. During his time as Kamin, Picard lived a lifetime of music, love, family, and more.

More importantly, he had a wife named Eline. At first, their relationship was strained because of his confusion. Over time, though, they fell in love and had children. Picard spent decades loving her and building a legacy.

Even though he went back to his ship in mere minutes, his life with Eline never left him. Picard still played the lute years later.

3 Vash

While Picard isn't exactly the kind of guy to have a spring break fling, there was one time he did just that. When his crew forced him on a vacation to Risa, Picard found unexpected adventure and romance in the beautiful and mischievous Vash. Their love of ancient civilizations and archaeology brought them together, even if their stances on "museum" versus "black market" differed.

Vash and Picard made for a great pair, so in love with culture and adventure. However, they never would make it as a long term thing. Vash and Picard would always leave each other for their respective loves of exploration. Doesn't make them any less fun to watch, though.

2 Beverly Crusher

Of all the women he's ever met, Beverly Crusher is the only one he's ever had a real shot at loving forever. While he cares deeply for all his other partners, nothing will ever beat his true love: exploring the galaxy. A Starfleet doctor who also loves to travel the stars, she's one of the few people who could always follow him in his adventures of the galaxy. They both love their crew and will do anything to care for them.

Beverly and Picard have been constant ships passing in the night, ignoring their feelings for one another over and over, trying to move past their on and off crushes. Even if Picard and Beverly finally chose each other, though, something else will always get in the way.

1 Adventure

No matter how many women Picard loves, the thing he loves the most will always be adventure. He looks to the stars like their his home; even his family vineyard doesn't hold a candle. Every relationship he ever has is practically doomed because he loves exploring and adventuring so much.

It's just who Picard is; he's a man of the stars. His greatest romance in his life will always be what he has with the final frontier, space itself.

Though, fans probably wouldn't mind if (in Picard) he settled down with a certain doctor once and for all.