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Star Trek: Picard Photos Feature Redesigned Starfleet Admiral Uniform

More images of Jean-Luc Picard's redesigned admiral's uniform have hit the web, giving Trekkies their best look yet at Patrick Stewart's new look in the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. Although Star Trek: Picard won't be released on CBS All Access until January 23, 2020, fans have been treated to a slow-drip of news and trailers over the past few months. The new series will pick up 20 years after the end of Star Trek: Nemesis.

Patrick Stewart first played Picard in the 1980s TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Thanks to intelligent writing and Stewart's undeniable acting abilities, Picard has become one of the most recognizable and beloved characters in the Star Trek universe. Despite a controversial cinematic reboot from director J.J. Abrams, Star Trek's most devoted fans have always preferred the franchise's TV shows. Most recently, the CBS All Access show Star Trek: Discovery has become one of the highest-rated original digital series on the internet.

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When Patrick Stewart returns to the Star Trek universe in Star Trek: Picard, he will don a redesigned Starfleet admiral's uniform. And after the Destination Star Trek fan convention in England this month, images of the new uniform have been hitting the internet. Now, James Whitbrook at io9 has an up-close look at Picard's new uniform. The new images of the uniform come from a Picard exhibit revealed at the convention, which showcased props and uniforms from the admiral's storied career. In addition, Star Trek fans can see the uniform in the newly released cover artwork for the Picard comic book, which also features the character in his new outfit. The admiral's new uniform includes the iconic black-and-red coloring of Starfleet with a sleek, modern design.

If fans want to follow the new adventures of Picard, they will need to sign up for CBS All Access. Many Star Trek fans have a love-hate relationship with the platform. Thanks to CBS All Access, high-quality new Star Trek shows are finally being released. However, with Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming platforms vying for fans' hard-earned (and often very-limited) funds, a lot of fans were annoyed by having to add yet another streaming platform to their entertainment budget.

However, CBS All Access is redoubling efforts to attract new users to their platform. In addition to Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard, CBS has also ordered a limited series of Stephen King's legendary magnum opus, The Stand. For dedicated science-fiction fans, CBS All Access now has three very compelling reasons to log on and stream. Of course, fans will have to decide if Star Trek: Picard and The Stand are really worth the price of admission for a streaming platform that doesn't have much else to offer.

Source: io9