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Star Trek: Top 10 Deanna Romances, Ranked

For a lot of lifelong Trekkies, Deanna Troi was their first crush. This beautiful, empathetic counselor was a Betazoid from Betazed, the half-human daughter of Lwaxana Troi, and was always trying to help. Make as much fun as you want about her "feelings," they sometimes got the crew out of serious danger.

Sometimes, though, her storylines had nothing to do with her powerful empathetic abilities. After all, much like her eventual husband Will Riker, Deanna always was a romantic. Of course, over seven years, there were a few times she found herself falling in love. Like everyone else, though, not all of those experiences went great.

10 Ves Alkar

Since the beginning of Star Trek's time, many characters have dealt with bloodsucking enemies trying to seduce the heroes to use them. Kirk dealt with tons of them. Few got as close to succeeding, though, as Ves Alkar.

This attractive mediator was drawn to Deanna immediately, and she to him. Eventually, the pair started a romantic relationship. However, he convinced her to "meditate" with him and it changed everything. The ritual bound Deanna to him and he started draining her energy and sanity. The second they started dating, she started rapidly aging.

Alkar almost got away with it, too. By the time she was in the doctor's office, the jealous and raving Deanna was on death's door. She was just lucky they stopped Alkar and were able to save her life and restore her vitality.

9 Unnamed Alien Baby Daddy

When they were passing a non-corporeal space entity, it found its way into Deanna's quarters and impregnated her before leaving. Yes, the counselor never even looked at this romantic partner in the eyes. However, their encounter resulted in her becoming pregnant. Not just that, though, but she gave birth within days, and the child aged just as rapidly. In a very short time, he went from infant to elementary-aged boy.

Deanna loved Ian Troi the second she knew she was having him. Even though his species took him back, and this romantic partner is beyond mysterious, he deserves some credit for giving her Ian.

8 Devinoni Ral

From the second they saw each other, Deanna and Devinoni Ral were magnetically attracted to one another. While he was on the Enterprise, they had a passionate affair unlike any she'd had before. Within days, she was head over heels for him.

Problem was, Devinoni had secrets. For one, he was part Betazoid, something he happily neglected to disclose. Worse, he used his abilities to manipulate people. It's how he became such a skilled negotiator. Ral was a mercenary of his field.

Deanna encouraged him to do the right thing and turn his life around, but Devinoni liked his life. He enjoyed using people's emotions against them. In the end, their passionate affair crashed and burned when she exposed him.

7 Reginald Barclay

Reginald Barclay never actually had a romance with Deanna. However, for a short time, he was madly in love with her, idealizing her as some ethereal, perfect woman. He even made a hologram version of how he saw her. Deanna didn't love it.

Over time, though, she became his counselor and close friend. Their relationship turned completely platonic and they leaned on each other for support and advice. She even asked him out on double dates with her and Riker. While it was a terrible "romance," it lead to something beautiful—of course that counts.

6 "Other" Rikers

Because it's Star Trek, the William Riker that fans know is hardly the only one that Deanna has been with. For starters, they were a serious couple years before when Will was much less of a career man. They share memories, but they are very different people from who they used to be.

Another example is when the entire crew lost their memories. Amnesiatic Riker and Troi ended up hooking up because they felt so familiar to one another. Of course, this Riker was very different from the real one because he was a two-timing womanizer, sleeping with Deanna and Ro Laren. Ouch. Not exactly knight in shining armor material.

5 Wyatt Miller

When Deanna was a little girl, her parents betrothed her to her father's best friend's son, Wyatt Miller. It was Betazoid tradition, and Ian and Lwaxana followed it. While stationed on the Enterprise, the two families decided it was finally time to make good on the deal. Deanna and Wyatt were awkward around each other at first, but there was a small spark and they did enjoy each other's company. They both decided that being married could be good for them.

Well, until Wyatt's literal dream girlfriend turned out to be real and he ditched everyone to be with her. Even the beautiful Deanna Troi can't stand in the way of true love, can she?

4 Aaron Conor

Of all of Deanna's romances, this was one of the saddest. Aaron Conor was the leader of an untouched colony, a group of people living without outside intervention. They were genetically altered to build a better society, but it's hard to keep that going with the ground cracking.

His choice had consequences, though. Not only did some of his people choose to leave, but he fell in love with Deanna Troi. If too many people left the colony, their society would collapse from too little genetic diversity. Ultimately, despite loving her, Aaron chose his people and shut Moab off from the outside world again.

3 Worf

This relationship hit fans like a truck from another galaxy, but it wasn't all bad. Actually, it was one of Deanna's strongest relationships. Worf and Deanna bonded over helping care for his son, Alexander. Through some cosmic intervention, they both started to have romantic feelings for one another.

They weren't a great match, but they supported each other through new stages of their life; him becoming a father, and her taking more of a command role. Worf and Deanna never were meant to be, but they were good for each other at the time and that was more than enough, alhough the two do seem to willfully ignore they ever dated once the relationship ended.

2 Thomas Riker

In "Second Chances," a tragic transporter accident created a duplicate Will Riker that stayed on Nervala IV for eight years, trapped below the ground. This Riker existed before Will got serious about his career, instead spending eight years obsessing over and missing the beautiful Deanna Troi that he loved.

For a short time, Thomas (named for his middle name) overwhelmed Deanna with romance and passion from their youth. They fell in love all over again. Eventually, however, the nostalgia wore out for her. In the end, Deanna chose the Enterprise over leaving with Thomas.

1 William Riker

Star Trek doesn't really subscribe to the idea of soulmates, but, if there were any, it would be Will Riker and Deanna Troi. They both are passionate people with open minds about love and romance. Meanwhile, though, they also are devoted to their careers and making the universe a better place.

They may have grown up lightyears apart, but they met and fell in love when they were young. When they left each other, the universe figured out a way to station them both on the Enterprise all over again. Even if they spent years as "just friends," they were fated to eventually accept that they were meant for each other. Young love, turned best friends, turned husband and wife, Deanna and Will are the great loves of each other's lives.