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10 Star Trek Voyager Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

Of all the different Star Trek series, Voyager is one of the most maligned. Whether it's because the format was different, the crew was non-traditional, or there were simply too many better Star Trek series to choose from, it didn't always connect with fans. Led by Captain Katherine Janeway, the crew of the USS Voyager spent 75 years trying to return home from the Delta Quadrant, beyond where most Starfleet officers dared go. The crew faced marauders, Borg, and when times were particularly desperate, each other's worst sides.

The fans of Voyager tend to be a scrappy bunch, who have found their own characters to root for as every Star Trek lover does, and are used to defending the series they love even within their fandom. Therefore it's something special when they get tributes to it on their skin. Here are 10 Voyager tattoos only true fans understand.

10 The EMH

Despite his sardonic sense of humor and lousy bedside manner, the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) aboard Voyager became a favorite character in the series. He sprang into action early on in the series when the ship was hurtled into the Delta Quadrant and, like Data on Star Tre: The Next Generation, underwent his share of growth as an artificial life form.

The doctor not only would go on to learn to exercise more empathy with his patients, but he'd also create a family for himself in the holodeck and help a Borg crewmember reintegrate into the Federation. This colorful tattoo by Matt Youl captures his pragmatic expression, as well as conveys the fact through cubism that he exists digitally.

9 The Borg Queen

While the Borg may have been introduced in Star Trek: The Next Generation, they were a big part of Voyager as well. With the ship out in the Delta Quadrant, the crew could expect a run-in with a Borg Cube at any time. One such encounter resulted in the rehabilitation of a Borg drone who became a member of the crew, Seven of Nine.

Seven of Nine was one of the favorite drones of the Queen, depicted in a neo-classic tattoo here that resembles something an intergalactic sailor might get. The Borg Queen wanted Seven because she viewed her as a perfect specimen whose time aboard a Federation ship gave her valuable information on human weaknesses.

8 USS Voyager

The USS Voyager was a unique Intrepid-class ship in Starfleet with more maneuverability and a different energy makeup than the USS  Enterprise. The crew nearly spent 75 years trying to get back to the Alpha Quadrant, encountering new life and new civilizations in the Delta Quadrant at every turn.

With its distinct spade-like front that distinguished itself from the "saucer" of the Enterprise, it makes a perfect silhouette for this arm tattoo. It's placed in front of a Starfleet badge depicting the beautiful tapestry of space in blue and red.

7 Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine was a rehabilitated Borg drone that served aboard the USS Voyager under Captain Janeway's command. With 18% of her Borg implants still housed inside her, she would always be reminded of her former life as part of the collective, even as she learned to adapt to human society again.

Seven of Nine became one of the series most popular members of the main cast when she arrived, and true fans even liked her in her full Borg aesthetic. This tattoo depicts Seven before she's been reintegrated into Federation society, with a shaved head and housed in her partially cybernetic bodysuit.

6 Captain Janeway

As the first female captain in the big chair leading one of the franchise's first spin-off series, Captain Janeway had to face enormous pressure. She never let it deter her, and the petite captain with the science background made herself a pot of black coffee and got to work.

This fantastic arm piece courtesy of Guen Douglas showcases the strength and grit of Katherine Janeway striking a pose that pays homage to another woman that pioneered in the sci-fi genre, Sarah Connor from Terminator. There's even a little Ellen Ripley we like to think.

5 Voyager Borg'd Starfleet Badge

Though the Borg were introduced in The Next Generation, they had the strongest presence in Voyager for two reasons; the ship was in the Delta Quadrant, one of their primary hunting grounds, and it carried one of their former collective, Seven of Nine aboard.

This "Borged" Starfleet badge tattoo represents both the capacity for Borg to become part of Starfleet in a positive way (Seven of Nine) and in a negative way (such as when Captain Picard was assimilated for his Starfleet intel). We'll see just how much the Borg has to do with Starfleet in Picard, the new CBS All Access series that takes place 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.

4 Voyager Boldly Going

For some Star Trek fans, like @simplydarkness1, Voyager was so much more than a television show. It was a savior. Having suffered from anxiety, depression, and suicidal urges, she watched Voyager in her darkest moments to feel uplifted and know that, even when it's tough for the Voyager crew, they persevere.

Her tattoo represents not only the readings on a heart monitor, to represent a commitment to a stable and healthy life, but also her commitment to the fandom that saw her through her toughest trials and tribulations. She knows if she does any sort of self-harm, she'll ruin her beautiful tattoo! True Voyager fans know how much the series means to so many people.

3 Seven of Nine Pinup

While some will say Seven of Nine's introduction to Voyager was purely for the ratings spike, most Star Trek fans valued the character's contribution to the series. Jeri Ryan could have been type-cast as nothing more than eye candy, but she put a lot of effort into making the role more substantial.

This tattoo highlights her feminine wiles in a neo-classical take on sailor pinups, giving the rehabilitated Borg drone a stylized and vintage look. It captures the whimsical quality that Seven could sometimes have, such as when she dressed in 40s lounge attire and sang old standards in the holodeck.

2 Kes

Kes was a divisive character on Voyager, with either too much direct involvement in the plot or too little to do. It often felt like she was in a state of limbo aboard the ship, which in some ways she was, being the only representative of her species aboard. She became mostly recognized through her relationship to ship's morale officer, Neelix.

This portrait of Kes courtesy of Rob Pawlewski depicts some of the strengths of the character, especially before she left to explore her powers. Only true Voyager fans would get a tattoo of someone other than the main bridge crew.

1 The Doctor's Mobile Emitter

Once the EMH had his mobile emitter, he was no longer stuck in sickbay all day and could become a more complete part of the crew. Being a hologram greatly decreased his agency which, once he discovered he actually wanted o to pursue his individuality, was a source of constant consternation.

This tattoo by Kat of Enchanted Ink perfectly captures the details of the small device that gave the doctor so much freedom. It was a huge boon for the crew, especially since he could go into areas too toxic for flesh and blood members and provide aid in dangerous environments without the need for provisions.