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Comic Book Review – Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath #2

Villordsutch reviews Star Trek: Discovery –  Aftermath #2…

In the opening issue, set just after Discovery jumping nine hundred years into the future and just before Spock popped to the barbers for a beard trim, we were shown the unseen and unfolding goings on of the Enterprise helmed by Captain Pike and Co.  Though it seems it wasn’t pulling warp-doughnuts amongst the floating wreckage of Control, but rather dealing with a newly formed fragile peace between the once brutal enemies of the Federation, the fearsome Klingons.

With Vaset III being chosen as neutral planet for the first steps in forming a stronger peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Captain Pike and Spock along with a number of Starfleet’s finest are sent to greet the Mother of the Empire L’Rell and her honourable entourage. With pleasantries being offered, words being traded and Klingon Gagh being downed so effortlessly by Pike that even the Klingons are impressed, all seems well.  Though there’s an undercurrent of unease flowing through the negotiations, as L’Rell suddenly seeks the assistance of an unexpected adviser. Then things rapidly take a turn for the worst as uninvited guests crash the peace process, for they’re unhappy at the way certain parties are moving forward.

I have to say, after the opening issue of this three part series I wasn’t overly impressed.  Perhaps the initial baggage of, “Meanwhile in those few moments you didn’t see…”, added extra negativity to my outlook on Issue #1.  However, here in Issue #2 things have really moved up a gear.  Yes, we’re still stuck in those awkward few moments pre-beard shave, but if we can ignore that shoehorn then there’s a great piece of unfolding Klingon/Federation story happening right in front of us.Both Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson are great at expanding the Star Trek lore and here they go again with making not only the Klingons less “Star Trek: TOS” one-dimensional, but also hiding a minor mystery in this short-run series.  Along with this, it has to be said, giving our newly formed Bridge Crew a bit of life in amongst the backdrop of the Peace Negotiations.  Johnson and Beyer could have left Pike and company flapping in the wind within this Klingon main story, but with the banter in the lift between Pike and Spock and later No.1’s quip on the Bridge of the Enterprise; it’s not much but it helps evolve these characters quite a bit.

Tony Shasteen’s art within Issue #2 stays fairly consistent throughout; whereas in Issue #1 my main gripe was his occasional habit of faces looking a bit off, here all seems to be running smoother.  Though I do have an issue with the colours from J.D. Mettler – I don’t know whether it’s a problem with my digital copy, but certain characters looked a bit washed out. To the point where the black outlines on Pike (for example) looked to “outlined”, giving the appearance – on occasion –  that Christopher has been hitting the Grecian 2000.

Other that the artwork of Issue #2 of Star Trek: Discovery – Aftermath there is honestly nothing else to poke holes in.  The story has most certainly picked up, to the point I really want to read Issue #3 and I’m honestly hoping for a Captain Pike and Crew comic book series – along with a television series too, of course.

Rating: 7/10