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Own Pieces of Batman History and More with Azarian Auction

Batman and Robin to the Batmobile, their costumes having to put up for sale. Now this one is a real treat hear you guys and gals the Azarian collection if you don’t know is founded by John Azarian who collected iconic items from shows and movies he loved as a kid. Most of these items are from iconic television shows in the 1960s including Star Trek, I Dream of Jeannie, Happy Days and even Batman. Well, it looks like his collection is going up for auction on December 17 in Los Angeles. Some of the biggest pieces in the set are the only known pair of complete costumes from the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin! This comes from the original 1960s television series featuring Adam West and Burt Ward’s characters. This is easily a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of Batman history. The only bad news is they’re asking me to sell for about $150,000-$200,000. These are easily relics of the past and fans of the 1960s Batman series should jump on it if you have the money to. These are two amazing collectibles that can easily make your collector status legendary!

If you are asking yourself what other amazing items are in this auction, well I will tell you! Another one is also from the 1960s Batman with the famous Shakespeare bust that had the hidden switch to the Batcave. It is the only one made for production and was used in nearly every single Batman episode. It is the only one made for production and was used in pretty much every episode.

We also are getting some Star Trek: The Original Series costumes from William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk wraparound tunic. alternate universe Captain James T. Kirk tunic from the episode “Mirror, Mirror” and Evil Spock’s tunic as well. All of the Star Trek costumes pieces are set to sell between $40,000-$60,000. They also have some replicas from “I Dream of Jeannie” like her signature genie bottle and even her signature pink harem costume. The costume is set to sell between $45-$55,000 and her bottle is rumored to sell between $30-$50,000.

There are even other items like the “Jupiter 2” Spaceship filming miniature from the iconic space adventure Lost in Space. Henry Winkler’s Fonzi Signature Leather Jacket from Happy Days is another big-ticket item that will be on sale in this auction too. It is set to sell between $25-$35,000.

A lot of these items are iconic television props that can bring you back so some good childhood days. You can check out more at the auction site located here. The auction will go live December 17 in Los Angeles if you have the money and looking to spend it this is where you can do that at.

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