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“Star Trek: Discovery”: Alex Kurtzman, Julie McNamara Update Michelle Yeoh Spinoff “Section 31”

CBS All Access has been having a pretty good time playing in the Star Trek sandbox since the streamer’s debut. From the success of Star Trek: Discovery (warp-factoring its way to a third season) to the highly-anticipated Patrick Stewart-returning Picard, the franchise has been burning red hot on the television front. With anthology series Short Treks and upcoming animated comedy series Lower Decks, the streaming service has shown a willingness to have a little fun while they’re at it.

But just like the franchise, we can’t help looking to the future. In this case, we’re talking Section 31 – a Discovery spinoff series that would have Michelle Yeoh returning as Philippa Georgiou to expand upon her character’s current position as a member of the “shadow intelligence group” that operates from within the Federation.

With CBS and Viacom preparing for a merger that will bring their respective movies and series under the Paramount shingle, Star Trek showrunner Alex Kurtzman and CBS All Access’ Julie McNamara sat down with Vanity Fair to discuss the franchise’s past, present, and future on the streaming service.

During the course of the interview, Kurtzman and McNamara offered fans an update on the series – here are the highlights:

● While Yeoh is still working on the “current season” of Discovery, McNamara revealed that Kurtzman’s assembled a writer’s room and scripts are in motion:

● For Kurtzman, Section 31 represents the darker aspects of the franchise’s universe that hasn’t really been explored before so it was important that it had a different tone and its own unique mythology:

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