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William Shatner is Divorcing His Wife After 18 Years of Marriage

William Shatner from Star Trekis getting a divorce from his wife of 18 years, Elizabeth Shatner. The legendary actor is famous for his comedic timing. Although this is his longest marriage, this is not his first divorce.

Shatner may be best known for his sci-fi role in the legendary Star Trekwhich shot him into fame in the 1960's but may be better known to the younger generations as the face of the Priceline commercials. The Emmy-award-winning actor has had a lucrative film career. The Boston Legal actor has been married a total of four times. His first wife was Nerine Kidd, second being Marcy Lafferty, the third being Gloria Rand, and now Elizabeth. The father had three daughters with his first wife, Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie. Not all of Shatner’s marriages ended in divorce, however as his third wife died by drowning in their swimming pool accidentally in 1999. The actor had filed for divorce after two years of marriage which was right before the unfortunate incident.

On Tuesday E! reported that the Star Trek star would like to live like a bachelor and announced she will be ending his marriage of 18 years. The 88-year-old actor said the news came as a surprise to him, as he and soon to be ex-wife Elizabeth Shatner have been together for a very long time. According to the divorce, documents showed the reason to be irreconcilable differences. Elizabeth is 61-years-old and a renowned horse trainer. Shatner has yet to comment about the sudden divorce announcement.

Shatner and his soon-to-be-ex-wife originally tied the knot on February 13, 2001, and was Shatner’s fourth marriage and Elizabeth’s second. According to lawyers, their divorce should be a quick process with minor complications as the two were said to have signed a prenuptial agreement. The contract also stated that neither one would receive spousal support from each other. According to the documents, so far both parties have waived the spousal support. The two had been struggling in their relationship for almost a year now as the documents show, and the original separation date was 10-months-ago in February of 2019.

The famous couple has no children together, so negotiating financial terms should be a breeze. While to fans it seems that his marriages do not "live long and prosper"many fans hope that the Star Trek actor will have better luck in the New Year. Maybe he will take some much needed time to be by himself and possibly think about what he is looking for in a fifth wife.

Source: E!