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Chris Pine's 10 Best Movies According To Rotten Tomatoes

Chris Pine seemed to spring out of nowhere, introducing himself to the entire world in one big move. Since then, he has been a welcomed fixture in Hollywood jumping between interesting roles in smaller projects and high-profile movie star roles. Whatever the role, he is always a fun presence to have in a movie.

His movies are usually making a big splash at the box office, but Pine has had considerable critical success as well. He has attached himself to some stellar projects that have gained considerable acclaim. Here are Chris Pine's best movies according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Rise Of The Guardians (74%)

All the biggest movie stars eventually find themselves as part of an animated film and Pine is no exception. He joined the unique adventure film Rise of the Guardianwhich tells the story of mythical children's characters like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy teaming up to stop the forces of evil. Pine voices Jack Frost, the newest member of the team.

Pine is joined by a stellar cast, including Hugh Jackman and Alec Baldwin. The fun premise helps propel this entertaining adventure which also features some great, stylish animation.

9 Z For Zachariah (79%)

Pine has proven he can be a great leading man and has the ability to carry a film, but he seems to prefer sharing the screen with other talented actors. Z for Zachariah is an overlooked drama that partners Pine with Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor, in a post-apocalyptic tale about three people who come together as the last-known survivors of a disaster and fall into an emotional love triangle.

The is a unique take on the post-apocalyptic story which is a genre that can feel a bit overused. The three actors bring powerful performances to the story, making for an intense and compelling display of some fine acting talents.

8 Star Trek Into Darkness (84%)

With the smashing success of the first Star Trek film, there was little question that Pine and the others would return for a sequel. Star Trek Into Darkness paid homage to the original film series as the crew of the Enterprise went on a mission in deep space to hunt down a mystery man (Benedict Cumberbatch).

The movie was criticized for sticking a little too close to the older movies instead of forging its own interesting path, but the cast remained likable and helped elevate this sci-fi action film.

7 Unstoppable (86%)

It must be intimidating for any actor to share the screen with the likes of Denzel Washington, but Pine was up to the task in this unique buddy-thriller. From director Tony Scott, Washington and Pine starred as a pair of bickering train engineers who must stop a runaway train before it causes a disaster.

The premise might not seem like much, but with Scott's slick direction, this makes for a surprisingly entertaining thrill ride. The two leads also prove to have great chemistry. We wouldn't mind seeing them team up again for another buddy film.

6 Star Trek Beyond (86%)

After the second Star Trek film ended up disappointing some fans, the series returned to its roots by telling an original space exploration story. The crew of the Enterprise finds itself scattered and without help on a strange planet while being hunted by a dangerous enemy (Idris Elba) who wants revenge on the Starship Federation.

The more trimmed down and simple approach to this third film was a welcome change of pace. The adventure was a fun way of bringing the whole cast back together, trying out some new dynamics and embracing the fun of the franchise.

5 Stretch (88%)

Though he looks like an ideal leading man and can certainly pull off that type of role wonderfully, Pine also likes to have fun with more unusual roles, like a supporting role in the Joe Carnahan action-comedy, Stretch. Patrick Wilson stars as a limo driver who attempts to save his business by driving around an eccentric billionaire (Pine).

The movie is a smaller scale actioner but has a lot of fun regardless. Pine especially seems to be having a ball with this over-the-top, wild-man character. It is a solid reminder that he should embrace his comedic side more often.

4 Wonder Woman (93%)

You might expect that Pine starring in a superhero movie would mean playing the superhero, but he steps aside to make way for the legendary Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot stars as the Amazonian princess who meets Steve Trevor (Pine), a human soldier fighting in World War I. She then decides to join Trevor to help save humanity.

Director Patty Jenkins creates a beautiful, action-packed and powerful entry into the genre while helping change the genre for the better. Gadot makes for an inspiring hero and Pine is a great partner for her.

3 Star Trek (94%)

Stepping into the iconic shoes of Captain Kirk as immortalized by William Shatner is a daunting task, especially for Pine who was mostly unknown at the time. The reboot of the Star Trek series casts a whole new group of actors in the famous roles in the story of the early days of the Enterprise crew.

The movie takes an inventive approach to start new while also paying tribute to what came before. The result is a hugely entertaining adventure with a cast that perfectly fills its respective roles while making them their own. Pine was especially effective as the arrogant, funny, heroic lead.

2 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (97%)

Once again, Pine joins a famous superhero franchise with very unexpected results. Into the Spider-Verse introduces Miles Morales, a young boy who gains the powers of Spider-Man only to discover that he is not the only Spider-Man out there. Pine plays a more traditional version of the hero who brings us into the story.

The amazing animation style of the movie is immediately eye-catching but that is only part of what makes the movie so special. The unique take on the mythology allows for some powerful and profound moments while also providing a lot of laughs and heart.

1 Hell Or High Water (97%)

While Pine could have had a more conventional leading man career, he seems more drawn to unexpected roles, like playing to flawed anti-hero in Hell or High Water. The neo-Western stars Pine and Ben Foster as two brothers who go on a spree of robbing banks with a bigger plan in mind.

The movie is a solid and thrilling crime film with great performances from the two leads as well as Jeff Bridges as the aging cop chasing them. The sharply written script makes it a compelling story with a lot of grey areas.