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Star Trek: Noah Hawley Has His ‘Own Take’ on the Franchise

Director Noah Hawley says he has “own take” on StarTrek, which may not include the most recent film’s cast.

Asked by Deadline if the previous films' cast would return for the next sequel, the Legion and Fargo showrunner -- who is slated to write and direct -- said, “I have my own take on StarTrek... and going back to what I loved about the series Next Generation, when a lot of franchises focus on 'might makes right,' Star Trek is about exploration and humanity at its best, and diversity and creative problem solving. There’s nothing better than that moment when William Shatner puts on his reading glasses and lowers Khan’s shields. It doesn’t cost anything. But it’s that triumphant feeling about smarting your enemy. For me, it’s about to getting to those elements of the show.”

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Hawley explained that he isn’t a fan of high-octane, action-centered movies that don’t have strong storylines to back them up. “I don’t necessarily find action in and of itself interesting unless it’s a story,” he explained. “So, it’s early days, I’m still talking with Paramount and I have a take and I gotta write a script.”

Hawley was announced as the next writer and director for StarTrek late last year. He plans to take the beloved franchise in his own direction, but insists he will stick to Trekkie basics. “I have my own story and want to make sure as I did with Fargo and Legion that I’m respectful to the underlying material,” he added. “That I’m not unintentionally changing things that people love or feel passionate about. So, it’s important to do that research as I go.”

The Star Trek franchise has produced 13 films since its debut on the big screen in 1979. The last three installments were directed by J.J. Abrams and Justin Lin, with Abrams directing the first two and Lin taking the captain’s chair in 2016 for Star Trek Beyond.

Hawley also revealed he hopes to get started on the Trek movie as soon as possible.