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New Star Trek: Picard Trailer Brings Back the Enterprise-D

CBS All Access has released a new trailer for Star Trek: Picard. The new trailer offers a brief glimpse at the USS Enterprise-D, the Galaxy-class version of the Enterprise that Jean-Luc Picard commanded throughout his adventures inStar Trek: The Next Generation. The ship was destroyed during the events of the first Star Trek: The Next Generation movie, Star Trek Generations, and replaced with the Sovereign-class Enterprise-E. The trailer also shows Picard, who has stepped away from Starfleet in the years since he was last seen in Star Trek: Nemesis, returning to Starfleet headquarters to request his reinstatement for a single mission. You can watch the trailer below. spoke to some of the producers of Star Trek: Picard ahead of the film's Hollywood premiere last week. They told us why they decided to bring Patrick Stewart back to the role. “First of all, there are not a lot of franchises that allow you to have your lead be a 92-year-old man,” said series co-creator Alex Kurtzman. “It’s a very unique and interesting challenge. 92 by Starfleet years. Star Trek has always been -- while being wildly entertaining -- a political statement. It mirrors the issues of the day. We are living in incredibly divided and divisive times and Picard always had this incredibly unique ability to be thoughtful and thorough in his assessments and judgments before acting in moments of incredible moral ambiguity and incredible pressure. To me, and I think to all of those who love him as a captain, he not only represents the best in Starfleet, he represents the leaders that we need now in the world more than ever, leaders who are thoughtful and who give real weight to the choices they make and how those choices will impact generations now and generations in the future and he’s the captain we need.”

Akiva Goldsman echoed Kurtzman’s sentiment by saying, “For [showrunner Michael Chabon] and I, we both are lovers of Star Trek,” he says. “Our connection to Star Trek begins with TOS. We’re TOS kids. We’re much older than you are, and so we met Star Trek in first-run syndication. My first Star Trek convention is 1976. It’s all very, very sad and lovely. Certainly, it was sadder in those days and lovelier now. We think that what Picard does is embody a set of principles that are pretty necessary today. The world could use somebody with the reasoned compassion of Picard. So that was pretty delightful for us as an opportunity.”

Star Trek: Picard premieres on CBS All Access on January 23rd.