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Star Trek: Picard & Data Actors Reunite In Set Photo From New Series

A photograph from the set of Star Trek: Picard shows both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner taking a short break together while dressed in their classic Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms. Although Spiner's character, the one-of-a-kind android Data, was previously destroyed in an act of self-sacrifice, he has resurfaced in the newest Star Trek series thanks to a number of recurring dreams Stewart's Captain Picard is having.

The relationship between Data and Picard was one of the highlights of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Not only were the two character friends, but Picard occasionally (and with great success) took on the challenge of defending Data's rights to live as a being with free will. As recently set up in the first episode of Star Trek: Picard, other androids may exist out in the galaxy somewhere, but the now-elderly Picard can't stop thinking about one in particular.

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Spiner's appearance as Data was shown in earlier Star Trek: Picard trailers, but the exact reason for his post-death cameo was unknown. Now, fans have learned Captain Picard has been dreaming quite a lot about Data recently, often with the two officers sitting around a poker table. Judging from this set photo shared by TrekCore on Twitter, it looks as if the two actors were happy to spend some time together in their old uniforms after so long. Check out the image below:

The two actors appear to be in both good spirits and good health, and seeing them fully costumed in Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms will surely ignite waves of nostalgia for many Star Trek fans. Although Data, being dead, can now only appear in dreams and as a memory, hopefully Star Trek: Picard will continue to use Brent Spiner as a sort of inner guide for Captain Picard, acting as the voice of his concerns or logic.

No matter whether Data appears in new Star Trek: Picard episodes or if his appearance in the show's first outing was just a one-time guest appearance, the fact that Picard imagined the two of them sitting around a poker table is not inconsequentail. During Star Trek: The Next Generation, many of the show's characters would occasionally gather for a weekly poker game, something which cropped up throughout the show's entire run. However, it wasn't until the very last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that Captain Picard himself ever attended one of his crew's games, with the final line of dialog being Picard saying he should have done it a long time ago. Now, two decades later, Star Trek: Picard has shown fans the Captain is still dreaming of the poker game as well, but at least the actors can get together in real life whenever they want.

Source: Twitter