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Star Trek: IMDb Spoiled Picard's Big Twist

Star Trek: Picard's IMDb page may have inadvertently spoiled the show's major twist about Dahj & Soji, several days before the premiere was released on CBS All Access. Star Trek: Picard picks up the story of Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard (now a retired admiral) as he comes to grips with his resignation from Starfleet and finds himself caught up in the troubles of a mysterious young woman named Dahj. Picard also acts as a spiritual successor to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although Captain Picard and Commander Data (Brent Spiner) are the only TNG returnees in episode one, both Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) and Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes, who is also set to direct) are confirmed to appear later in the season.

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Alongside these are some new faces, including actress Isa Briones. As fans who have seen the premiere will know, Briones plays the leading role of Dahj, a young woman who seeks out Picard's help after she and her boyfriend are attacked by a trio of mysterious hooded figures in her apartment one night. Her boyfriend is killed and Dahj flees, instinctively finding herself going to Picard for aid without knowing why. Picard is just as confused as she is, and over the course of the episode, it's revealed that Dahj is an android created from one of Data's positronic neurons, and knew to go to Picard because she was Data's daughter. Dahj's being Data's "daughter" is a twist in and of itself, but there's an arguably much larger one revealed at the end of the episode.

The scientist who explained Dahj's creation to Picard, a woman named Dr. Jurati, recognized Dahj's necklace when Picard showed it to her. Jurati identified the two interlocking circles as the symbol for fractal neuronic cloning - the aforementioned process of creating an android from a single neuron, which was developed by TNG characterBruce Maddox. What Jurati also reveals, however, is the shocking revelation that fractal neuronic cloning always results in two androids being created - meaning that Dahj has a twin sister. This is lucky for Picard because, at the end of the episode, Dahj is found and seemingly killed by the hooded figures, meaning that her sister is the last remaining link to Data's positronic net. Just before the episode ends, we are shown just where Dahj's twin sister has ended up - she's a scientist going by the name Soji, who works on a Romulan reclamation site shaped like a Borg cube.

The reveal that Dahj is actually a twin is a pretty shocking one, especially considering that it jumpstarts the plot of season one into motion - Picard needs to get to Soji before the assassins do. However, if fans were reading the show's IMDb page before Star Trek: Picard's first episode, they would've had that reveal ruined for them - because as early the 16th of January (several days before the actual premiere of the show) the IMDb page listing actors and which characters they played listed Isa Briones as playing two characters, thus spoiling one of the show's biggest twists.

Although the production hasn't been kept under as extreme lock and key as franchises like Marvel or Star Wars, it's still a surprising breach of information considering just how highly anticipated the show is, and how upset fans get online if something is spoiled for them, whether it's accidentally or on purpose. Given that a plot detail that significant was leaked online before episode one, there's no telling just how many spoilers may end up on IMDb or other entertainment sites before episodes air, so diehard fans would do well to tread carefully on such sites if they don't want important details spoiled for them.

Now that Dahj is dead, it seems like audiences will be getting to know Soji much better in the upcoming Star Trek: Picard episodes, given how Dahj was practically the protagonist of episode one, it only seems logical that her sister would have just as much screen time. Heading into episode two, there are plenty of unanswered questions that need to be resolved and a handful of main characters that have yet to be introduced, but hopefully they won't be on IMDb.


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