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Watch Star Trek: Picard's First Episode Free Online for A Limited Time

CBS All Access makes the first episode of Star Trek: Picard available for free online for a limited time. Starring Patrick Stewart as the iconic Picard, the newest addition to the All Access library of Star Trek shows dropped last week after months of build-up and has predictably already engendered a ton of discussion.

Set decades after the end of Star Trek: Nemesis, the last appearance of the TNG crew on either the big screen or small, Picard sees the former Enterprise captain retired to the idyllic French countryside hoping to live out his life in peace with his pitbull No. 1 and two Romulan house servants. However, Picard’s past soon comes back to haunt him in the form of a young woman named Dahj who possesses strange powers and has a mysterious connection to Picard’s former shipmate Data. By the end of episode 1, Picard has set everything up for a new space adventure that will see Jean-Luc forming a rag-tag crew and venturing forth to solve the mystery that called him away from his peaceful life.

With the second episode of Picard already available on the subscription-only CBS All Access, the first episode has now been released for free on YouTube for those who are curious about what Stewart and company have in store with the new series. The episode can be viewed by clicking HERE.

The first episode is indeed very densely packed with story as Picard introduces an older and somewhat disillusioned Jean-Luc, while bringing in the mystery of Dahj and also setting up a plot involving the Romulans and their use of Borg technology. There are of course tons of TNGEaster eggs along the way as well. The TNG connections will in fact only get stronger as the show plays out, with Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis both signed up for appearances. And Picard will bring in Star Trek: Voyager as well with an appearance by Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine.

With episode 1 of Picard now available for free, hesitant Trek fans can see for themselves if the show is something they wish to sign on for or if they prefer to stick with old school Trek and leave the new CBS All Access show alone. As with Star Trek: Discovery, a divisive show among Trek fans to be sure, Picard does feature more elaborate action than a show like TNG was able to deliver on its relatively meager budget, and it’s arguable that the show like Discovery is somewhat cavalier in its handling of Star Trek canon. However, the presence of Stewart is very welcome and episode 1 did definitely set up some intriguing mysteries. It remains to be seen how things play out, but Star Trek: Picardepisode 1 certainly gets the show off to an energetic and buzzworthy start.

Source: CBS All Access


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