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Star Trek: 10 Mysteries About Picard's Life In Between TNG & Picard

Fans are thrilled with the new Star Trek series, Picard, and the show has only had two episodes so far. The Trekkie renaissance is upon us folks. It's even better that it's riding in on the great acting chops of Sir Patrick Stewart himself.

While there's a lot to worry about in the series (Data's daughters, Romulan secret societies, Borg), there's still a lot that fans wonder about that might not get answered on screen. After all, a lot happens over a couple of decades, and Picard's had a lot of changes in his life. That has left a lot of mysteries about his journey from TNG to now, and there's no way that a lot of Trekkies aren't kinda driven wild by it. Here are 10 Mysteries About Picard's Life From TNG to Picard.

10 Beverly Crusher

For years, fans knew that there was something between Picard and Doctor Crusher. The show teased with the idea but kept on backing off at the last second, ruining every Trekkies' hopes and dreams. The closest the fans ever got to closure was in the season finale, where they reveal he and Beverly actually married!

Only to divorce and crush fan hearts even further. But, at least it was confirmation that they happened. Now, in Picard's future, not only is nowhere to be found, she's not even mentioned. No one knows if they did marry and divorce, or if in this future they never even happened. What happened, writers?

9 Brain Syndrome

In the TNG finale, Picard had a brain syndrome that made it seem like he was fluctuating throughout time. It was something that people who spent a long time in deep space could suffer from. It made for a fascinating final episode and kept fans on the edge of their seats. Picard chose space over his life, and they loved him for it.

Now, it's unsure if that syndrome is still a problem. The Stargazer doctor vaguely mentioned a problem in Picard's parietal lobe, but did he mean the syndrome? Or did he mean something else entirely? Is he still going to lose his mind to time? Or did they solve that problem and this is a different one? Fans need answers!

8 Q

Knowing Q, he absolutely would not have ditched Picard just because he stopped going to space. Picard and his Romulan friends totally would have had to deal with Q popping in for tea way too often.

So, speaking of that, where is he? Will Picard even mention him? Any Trekkies couldn't see a universe where Q didn't pester Picard until the end of his days. Even if he doesn't show up in the show, he shouldn't stay a mystery. Fans have to know what Q and Picard have been up to, or, why Q stopped following Picard around.

7 Missing Picards

During TNG, some very important, albeit minor, characters in Picard's life are his brother, Robert, and his nephew, Rene.  While Jean-Luc went to the stars, Robert stayed home and cared for their family vineyard. They both have different aspirations and values so they can butt heads a lot, but at the end of the day, Picard loves them dearly. So, in Picard, where are they?

If Robert was alive, it's hard to believe he'd just leave the vineyard to Picard. If he's passed away, wouldn't Picard mention that? And, even though Rene showed interest in the stars, wouldn't his father probably leave the vineyard to him, not his brother? It's just confusing that Picard's family is entirely MIA and fans need to know what happened.

6 The Crew of The Enterprise

So, episode two makes it clear that the Enterprise crew is still a close-knit family that would do anything for Picard. However, Picard doesn't want to get them involved, so they don't really show up. That's fair, fans can understand that. It's still a huge mystery, though, what they've been up to. And even more of a mystery what Picard's role was in all of it.

Trekkies get they all parted ways and had their own lives, but has he been avoiding them, or did he come to all their weddings and baby showers and still sees them sometimes? Where has their relationship gone after fans stopped watching? Trekkies fell in love with the TNG cast, so that's part of Picard's history they'd love to know.

5 Why The Vineyard?

Chateau Picard is an easy, obvious answer for Picard's retirement home. It makes sense; it's been in his family for years. What complicates that, though is that last fans knew, it was owned by his brother Robert, who Picard didn't always get along with. Ignoring the mystery of where Robert's family is, why did Picard pick the vineyard?

He didn't like making wine, he always was eager to leave the vineyard, and wouldn't there be other places in the world he'd find more comfortable, like Paris itself? It makes sense Picard could warm up to the vineyard, but how did it happen? That's a mystery that ties to his exit from Starfleet that fans must wonder.

4 New Captain of The Enterprise

After Picard left Starfleet, he abandoned the Enterprise and his old post and symbolism for the organization. The show has definitely done a great job showing exactly why he left and all the complicated emotions behind that. But it's left a serious, gaping mystery in there: what about the ship he left behind? Who took over the Enterprise? How did his crew react to his departure?

Picard's resignation shook all of Starfleet, so it definitely would've left a mark on the people who worked by his side every day. A Trekkie can't help but wonder what was that like, and if any of them feel resentment for going out the way he did.

3 Meeting Romulan Friends

Picard has definitely made it clear that Laris and Zhaban stay with the ex-captain to protect him and thank him for wanting to save Romulus. However, other than that vague understanding, Trekkies don't know how they met, why they particularly stay with him, and what else he did to win their loyalty.

Sure, his actions were enough to warm a lot of Romulan hearts. But that doesn't map out how these two because of his personal housemates and friends. That's a mystery of his past few years that fans would love to know.

2 "The Inner Light" and Music

While the show has done a great job dropping Easter Eggs of Picard's personality and past, there is one very important piece missing: his love of music. And more importantly, the love of music he got during the amazing episode "The Inner Light" and his lute. Picard liked music, but he started playing so much more frequently after living a whole life as a scientist, musician, and father.

In TNG, Picard played the lute from that life long afterward. It became a very personal and important part of him. So, where is it? As far as many fans can tell, there hasn't even been an Easter Egg of the famous lute. What happened that made him stop? Did the writers just choose not to, or is there history?

1 The Robe

Okay, this one is cheesy, but everyone loved Picard's absurd, tiny robe. No matter how distinguished he was, he always wore it around in his room. When did Picard grow out of it? Why did he suddenly decide he couldn't wear it anymore? Does he at least keep his last one around for momento? These are burning questions that Trekkies have to be asking.

In all seriousness, it's a fascinating mystery to see so much of Picard stay the same, yet so different. The mysteries between his current state and where fans left him in TNG still have yet to unravel. And fans can't wait to learn about everything.


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