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Star Trek Discovery And Section 31 Updates Have Me Excited And Concerned All At Once

Star Trek is a semi-passion of mine. I am not a Trekkie as such, a mega fan (I know a few), but I am still a fan of Star Trek in general. For me though, Star Trek suits a long form serialised format on TV best. I have not enjoyed either of the three movies in J.J. Abrams rebooted Kelvin Timeline. I have however, mostly enjoyed both seasons of Discovery and I really like the first few episodes of Picard even more.

As we move through the inaugural season of Picard the production wheels are rolling along for Discovery Season 3. There are definitely going to be some huge changes to that show now that they have moved 1000 years into the future. This season they will be so far outside of what is considered canon that it should give them a hell of a lot more freedom to craft stories. This benefit was echoed by Discovery showrunner Alex Kurtzman when he spoke to recently.

I do think that Discovery would have been a much better show if it was not set in the past, having to tread that canon so carefully. I am therefore really looking forward to Season 3 of Discovery and seeing where things go. Conversely, Kurtzman also offered an update on Section 31, (if that ends up being the actual title). Section 31 is due to begin filming after Discovery Season 3 wraps, and Kurtzman gave this update.

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And when casting for the show should take place?

Here is the thing: as much as like these new Star Trek TV shows, I have serious concerns over Section 31. I honestly think the idea of Section 31 and their introduction into Star Trek canon was a bad idea to begin with. For those that do not know, Section 31 are basically the CIA of Starfleet, with less moral boundaries. The in-universe explanation for the group, is that even a society such as The Federation needs unscrupulous allies, something I disagree with.

The least enjoyable aspect of Discovery Season 2 was the Section 31 content. I am therefore glad they won’t be anywhere near Season 3. I have an active dislike for the character of (former Emperor) Philippa Georgiou. That’s not a slight against actress Michelle Yeoh, even though I’m not her biggest fan. Instead, it is the character I dislike, and the way she is written. The fact she comes from that idiotic mirror universe, (where Starfleet happens to meet their ‘always evil’ doppelgangers, usually sporting a beard or some stereotypical villain trademark) is I think what annoys me about the character of ‘Emperor’ Georgiou. Right now, I just cannot get excited by a show starring her, and a lot of other morally grey characters from back in that early Trek period.

Of course, I could be wrong, and I hope I am. I will check Section 31 out when it eventually hits. I just have the feeling it’s not going to tick the boxes for me. Picard on the other hand, deep moral questions being asked, good performances, imaginative story structure, and the right dose of nostalgia that does not get into fan service, more of that please for this Trek fan.

What do you think of Kurtzman’s comments, do you agree with me about Section 31, and Philippa Georgiou? Beam down below for the usual intelligent discourse, or just some banter.

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