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Justice League Adds Spider-Man In User-Made Star Trek Online Fashion Show

Taking MMO customization to new levels, an intrepid Star Trek Online player was found with his entire away team carefully created as the Justice League… plus Spider-Man. While Star Trek Online (STO) does allow for some in-depth character customization, few players have gone so far as to turn their entire away team – the team sent to explore alien worlds – into a band of superheroes.

Since a Captain can have up to 54 different “BOFFs” or Bridge Officers, there’s room for one player to create all kinds of tantalizing team-ups in Star Trek Online – even if they defy comic book copyrights. As MMOs grow more complex, more dedicated online players are taking time to sculpt their characters into their favorite icons. Star Trek Online had a full redesign of its own character creation system on PC in 2019, which allowed for easier character design in a system many originally found a bit overwhelming due to the vast number of choices and a cumbersome user interface. The newer, more streamlined system now makes efforts like the Justice League recreation easier to tackle.

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This particular team was discovered by Reddit user The_Nameless_Bard on the planet of Nimbus III, a popular gathering place for showing off away teams. In addition to Spider-Man, viewers will spot well-crafted versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Supergirl as part of the mission. Once posted to Reddit, user CaptainMichaels took credit for the creation and explained that Batman was the most difficult character to make. He also mentioned that he has versions of The Flash, The Hulk, and Wolverine on his roster as well, which means Spider-Man is quite as out-of-place as he might first appear.

Those familiar with superhero MMOs won’t be surprised at the carefully crafted team. Games like the now-distant City of Heroes were famous for “fashion shows” where people would gather and display their heroes, often designed to look like comic book icons or other widely recognized pop culture references. MMOs aren’t the only places we see such fashion creations, either. Sea of Thieves, where pirates can form vast alliances, recently had a show of its own organized by the L’Arche du Grog guild, and Soulcalibur VI has become very popular for the variety of famous heroes born from its character creator.

Now that players have seen what Star Trek Online is capable of, perhaps more team-ups will start to appear on Nimbus and similar locations in the future. If there’s one thing that MMOs can count on, it’s the ability players have to continuously inspire each other with their creations... unless they pull a Blizzard.

Source: Reddit