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Enterprise BARELY edges Voyager as most underappreciated show

It’s always good to see love for the lesser celebrated shows, which is why we pit Voyager and Enterprise against one another to surprising results.

There were 91 of you who stood up and voted, and hot dang, it was almost a dead-even tie. Star Trek’sEnterprise and Voyager are beloved by a lot of fans but most wouldn’t consider them to be their favorites of the Berman-Trek generation. For those unaware, Rick Berman co-created Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise. His vision for the shows is what made that era of Trek so popular.

The fans have spoken, however, as Enterprise faithful beat out Voyager faithful just barely, 50.5% to 49.5%. Leaves one to think that if it was left up just a bit longer, maybe it would have gone a different way? At one point early on, Enterprise was clearly winning but the gap was closed by the Voyager faithful in the weening hours of the poll.

Both shows have a lot to offer and even if start to finish they’re not a perfect set of series, it’s hard to deny they offered a lot of interesting and novel takes on the Star Trek canon, while also introducing us to those lovable characters we still hold near and dear to our hearts.

It’s fun to think about the tipping point for this poll may have been theme songs. Voyager’s theme had a more simple and iconic Trek-theme, while Enterprise went with Faith of the Heart. A song that is so divisive that fans either sing the lyrics on a regular basis or have outright said that it’s the reason they stopped watching Trek.

Those silly gooses, they clearly don’t have strength of the soul. Stay tuned right here or on our social media outlets to see what the next fan vote will be for another installment of Friday Night Fights!