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Star Trek: Picard Subtly Reused Voyager’s Theme Tune Perfectly

Star Trek: Picard honored one of its predecessors, Star Trek: Voyager, by evoking its much loved theme song. Star Trek: Picard has been a surprising well of knowledge for Voyager fans; Seven Of Nine is set to play a prominent role after being introduced in "Stardust City Rag," which also saw the grisly death of a minor character from the series.

After thwarting her attempts to exact murderous vengeance against an intergalactic arms dealer who chopped up her friend for parts, Jean-Luc Picard and Seven Of Nine have a conversation that surely set the hearts of Trek fans aflutter. Picard and Seven are the most prominent ex-Borg characters in all of Star Trek, though they had never met before this episode. They didn't have much time to get acquainted when Seven surprisingly boarded the La Sirena, as Picard hastily enlisted her to help him track down Bruce Maddox, the cyberneticist who created the twin androids Dahj and Soji Asha from bits of the late Lieutenant Commander Data's engrams.

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Yet in a quiet moment after all the action, Seven has an uncharacteristically vulnerable moment with Picard. She asks Picard if he felt he had regained his humanity after his assimilation, to which he replied he did. Seven specifies, asking Picard if he felt he'd recovered all of his humanity, which he's forced to admit he does not. It's a tender moment for what seems to be two ships passing in the night, as Seven goes off to pursue her prey and Picard rushes off to the Borg Artifact to save Soji. And as Seven steps atop the La Sirena's transporter pad, a brief section of the Voyager theme song can be heard.

The suitably soaring original theme song was composed by the late Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith didn't score Star Trek: The Original Series, yet he's probably composed more memorable Star Trek themes than any other single person. His epic score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture was famously reused as the theme song to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he would go on to score three of the four TNG films.

Voyager rarely ranks at the top of fans' favorites lists - it suffered from notoriously inconsistent quality and a thin supporting cast over its seven seasons - but the theme song is an all-timer. It seems a sure thing Seven will be crossing Picard's path again; there's no way they could tease a major Borg connection like Seven without a bigger payoff. Yet even if this were the last fans saw of Seven on Star Trek: Picard, her exit sounded suitably mighty.


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