Star Trek Guide

Sunday Selection: Ever wanted a tour of Star Trek’s Enterprise D?

In the first-ever Sunday Selection, Star Trek fans give you the opportunity to see what the Enterprise D looks like thanks to a small group of loyal fans.

Sometimes it’s fun to imagine what if. What if the Enterprise D from Star Trek: The Next Generation was real? What if you could take a tour of it? What if…Well, wonder ‘what if’ no more fellow Trekkies! Thanks to a few dedicated fans on the internet, and the use of the gaming Unreal Engine, you can now do just that! Well, sort of.

A group of gamers and designers came together to design and make the starship Enterprise as part of a community-oriented project. The project was explored in a fantastic, but long, video from YouTuber TheSneezingMonkey. The 40-plus minute video shows fans what the project looked like and how deep the entire thing went. Past tense though, because all that exists that I know if is the video. It appears the entire project was killed by CBS. It’s entirely possible that it can still be found if you know where to look, but there is no formal project any longer that I’m aware of.

Still, even though you can’t personally explore the Enterprise D, you can still take the virtual tour and see what the community-based programmers were able to do. The project had a lot of potentials and maybe one day there will be something similar. Perhaps through the new PlayStation game Dreams. It’s a bit sad that CBS killed the project but at least the videos live on for fans to enjoy. So take the digital tour and see for yourself what the starship looked like from different angles.