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Star Trek Fans Remember James Doohan on His 100th Birthday

The Star Trek universe has been remembering the legendary James Doohan on what would have been the late actor's 100th birthday. Born in 1920, Doohan would have passed the century mark in age this week if he hadn't died in 2005 at the age of 85 due to complications of pulmonary fibrosis. Still deeply missed by both Star Trek fans and those who knew Doohan personally, social media has been getting flooded with kind messages of remembrance and support for the beloved character actor.

"Today would have been James Doohan's 100th birthday," tweets William Shatner, who famously co-starred with Doohan as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series. Countless tweets from Star Trek fans have been pouring in all day long as well. Trekkie website also posted a tribute video acknowledging all of the work James Doohan has put into the Star Trek universe, including his voiceover work with the animated series and pioneering the Klingon language by developing its first words. Doohan's son, Chris Doohan, also retweeted the message and acknowledged his father's big day with a tweet of his own.

A veteran actor, Doohan was best known for his breakout role as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the original Star Trek TV series and its many follow-up movies. Memorable in part because of his unique Scottish accent, Doohan voiced other characters in the original series and its animated spin-off show because of his vocal talents. He would also contribute heavily behind the scenes at Star Trek as well, having a hand in developing the original dialects for the Vulcan and Klingon races. Doohan played the role on the big screen for a final time in 1994's Star Trek Generations, though he would become a staple at fan conventions to mingle with fans and speak about his time in the franchise.

In addition to his work as a fictional Starfleet engineer, Doohan was a real-life badass and hero as well. Prior to his acting career, Doohan had served in the Royal Canadian Artillery and even fought on the battlefield at Juno Beach on D-Day. During the battle, he was shot by enemy gunfire six times in a single night, with a bullet to the chest miraculously blocked by a cigarette case in his pocket. Doohan would also completely lose his right finger to a bullet, though many Trekkies would have no idea Scotty was missing a finger as Doohan went to great lengths to conceal his hand during his time on screen.

Though Doohan left us nearly fifteen years ago, all of this recognition he's been getting for his 100th birthday shows just how much he is loved and missed. The Star Trek franchise would not be what it was if not for Doohan and every other important part of the original series, and the appreciation for the late actor from his fans will ensure he will never be forgotten. From Twitter, you can look below to take a peek at some of the many, many tweets remembering Doohan on this special occasion.