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Star Trek: Discovery rumors claim the series is cancelled….and renewed for five seasons?

Star Trek: Discovery’s third season has a lot of rumors around it, but none more so than the possibility that it could be the last season for the show.

This story originally came from a website that arguably has the coolest fricking layout I’ve ever seen. Jealous? Very. is claiming there are rumors abound about Star Trek Discovery’s third and potentially final season. They cite a YouTube channel that has had some success in the past with rumors but shouldn’t be used as a significant source. That opened up a doorway into so much uncertainty.

The only thing we know is that we know nothing. Why? Because there are two conflicting rumors. The canceled rumor is from the aforementioned YouTube channel, Midnight Edge, who claims that season three had reshoots done in order to develop a series finale instead of a cliffhanging finale.

Yet, other outlets are saying that the show is not ending with season three and that it’s in fact greenlit to shoot season’s four and five back-to-back come July. Now the original source for this is the ‘GWW‘ who, to my knowledge, hasn’t broken anything of significant news-wise.

Typically show renewals and cancellations aren’t this steeped in mystery. The Hollywood Reporter often breaks the news as soon as it’s known. In fact, most outlets and showrunners themselves will do it as soon as things have been finalized.

No one official is saying that it’s canceled or that’s renewed. So what does that mean? It means that neither source can be trusted, yet. If come July and the show isn’t filming, that’s your answer. Unless we hear from someone sooner. The series has had five showrunners, so the idea that the series is finally be put away isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Yet, with the merger of streaming services that CBS and Viacom are engaging in, it’s entirely possible that Viacom wants the Star Trek property to anchor the potential new service as well.

The only thing we know is that Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green is pregnant, and that’s awesome news for her, her husband and son.


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