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Friday Night Fights: Which Enterprise was your favorite NCC-1701 vs. NCC-1701-D

There are a number of impressive ships in the Star Trek canon but only one ship defines the series; the Enterprise. Which one is your favorite though?

This week Friday Night Fights is a doozy. The series is defined by the unique ships that litter the galaxy. From Romulan warbirds to Klingon Bird of Preys. Yet, none are more iconic than the U.S.S Enterprise. Which one though? There are a number of classic ships named the Enterprise. The Enterprise has always been the flagship of Starfleet, even if it has changed its appearance a lot over the years.

Yet there are two versions of the ship that are arguably the most iconic. The original series’ NCC-1701 and the version from Star Trek: Next Generation, NCC-1701-D.

The original ship (NCC-1701)  has a unique, cylinder-like look but the interior and components aren’t overly impressive compared to other ships in the latter canon. Which is understandable. Yet, the ship has fact that it’s the original, on top of the fact that it has the nostalgia bonus as well. The ship was part of the reason the series was so beloved in the first place and without it, there might not have been further series.

The Next Generation (NCC-1701-D) brought us the ship that gave fans the true potential of what a ship could offer. From addition to the Holodeck to the numerous bars, the massive and multiple shuttle bays. It truly felt like a living city as opposed to the more practical and stripped-down original model.

This one is all about personal taste. We’re not going to get into the whole ‘who could beat who up’ argument. We’re also not going to focus on the accessories each ship has. The Enterprise-D would win all those categories. We’re not going size, speed, or anything. It’s simply about what you like. Does it look like the kind of ship you want to captain? That’s the debate. So let us know below if you’re a team-NCC-1701  or team NCC-1701-D?