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Friday Night Fights: Star Trek’s deadliest hunters Jem’Hadar vs. The Hirogen

In the canon of Star Trek, there are arguably no deadlier hunters in all of the galaxy then the Jem’Hadar and the Hirogen, so which one wins?

Star Trek is known for its aliens. It’s arguably the most defining characteristic of the series. Only Star Wars rivals the complex and creative nature of Star Trek’s gallery of foreign beings. Of all the aliens, there are numerous types that are different from one another in vastly different ways. Yet, at times, there are some that are very similar in nature. For instance, in this week’s Friday Night Fights, we pit the Jem’Hadar of Stark Trek: Deep Space 9 against the Hirogen of Star Trek: Voyager.

The Jem’Hadar are relentless warriors, who reside in the Gamma Quadrant, and served as the primary military force of the Dominion. Practically emotionless, the race are created in birthing chambers, before being genetically altered and ultimately born in hatcheries. Never to experience the love or compassion of parents. If that isn’t bad enough the entire race are addicts. The Dominion made the Jem’Hadar dependent on Ketracel-white, a substance the race needed in order to survive. Because of this, they have sworn their loyalty to the Founders; the leaders of the dominion.

On the flip side is the Hirogen. A nomadic species who roamed the Delta Quadrant looking for the best prey to hunt. Unlike the Jem’Hadar, who took Ketracel-white to obtain a needed enzyme, the Hirogen had a much more impressive immune system and were known for their ability to survive Y-class environments. The Hirogen are unrelenting and intelligent and unlike the Jem’Hadar who put the Founders above all else, the Hirogen only worship the hunt.

The two are right there alongside the Klingons in regards to being notorious hunters and warriors. They’re violent, relentless, and unrelenting. Which alien race wins in a battle, however? That’s what you guys need to decide. So you pick, Hirogen or the Jem’Hadar.

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