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Star Trek: Picard - Who Were the Sikarians?

In the last minutes of an intense episode of Star Trek:Picard, Hugh reveals a spatial trajector on the Borg cube that allows Picard and Soji to narrowly escape. For viewers with Vulcan hearing, Hugh mentions the technology the Borg assimilated came from the Sikarians, a species first encountered in Star Trek: Voyager. The assimilation of the Sikarians and their technology could bring upon devastation on the United Federation of Planets and the rest of the galaxy.

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In that episode, Captain Janeway unsuccessfully tried to negotiate with the Sikarians to share their technology with her, so she and her crew could rapidly decrease the time it would take to reach Federation space. Their planet's leader deemed the trajector technology as a risk if it were to fall into the wrong hands and refused Janeway's offer. The crew of Voyager tried to fix the trajector matrix on to their ship anyway, and it nearly caused a warp-core breach, which led to them destroying the matrix.

As the Sikarian leader feared, the transporting technology has fallen into the dangerous hands of a species who will exploit the tech to its utmost potential, the Borg. The consequences of the Borg having tech such as this is it allows them to instantaneously transport themselves from light-years away. This would immediately improve the rate in which the Borg assimilate a species, and it would be a lethal blow to the Federation and other powers in the galaxy. Yet, there are even more implications that can be derived from their assimilation of the Sikarians and their technology.

The Borg assimilated the Sikarians long after the period in which Star Trek: Voyager takes place, so any species close to the Delta Quadrant like the Vidiians or the Haakonians could have already been assimilated. These species and many others could have already fallen prey to the Borg and added to the Collective.

Another implication that can be derived from the assimilation of the Sikarians is the whereabouts of the Borg Queen. Picard and the others found the trajector in the Borg Queen's chambers. Hugh even states that the trajector was only used by the queen in case of emergencies. This may explain why the Borg Queen seems able to keep appearing despite her numerous defeats.

The same Borg Queen that Picard encountered in Star Trek The First Contact made appearances in Voyager. In the final episode titled "Endgame," Janeway seemingly destroyed the Borg Queen with help from an alternate timeline version of herself. The fact that the Borg Queen survived this encounter seems to indicate that the spatial trajector may have played a role in her ultimate survival. Despite there being multiple Borg Queens, the queen is a persona that exists within the consciousness of the collective. As long as that consciousness remains, it can presumably manifest its self wherever it wants.

With the reveal of this information, Star Trek: Picard is heralding a final confrontation with Jean-Luc and his cybernetic opposite the Borg Queen. The Borg Queens represents an inhumanity Picard is all too familiar with since his days as Locutus. The final few episodes of the series are within view, and Picard may have to face this demon once again.


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