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Saturday Night Seminar: Star Trek’s Kathryn Janeway knows why fear exists

Star Trek serves another important reminder in the words spoken by Kathryn Janeway about fear as this pandemic continues on.

We’re all riding this thing out together, well most of us are. As the coronavirus continues to keep Americans and citizens of the world in their home for at least the next week, many are still dealing with fears. Fear of catching the virus, fears of running out of supplies or the more likely fear; the lack of income to sustain yourself for some time. Fear is crippling so many people. Thankfully, we have Star Trek.

Fear is a powerful thing, and it’s something we all experience. There’s an old saying, that bravery is the acceptance of fear but the refusal to yield. It’s a very common thing, said many different ways. Something that once crept up in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager. Not, especially a good episode (and this is from a Voyager fan-boy), but an important line that exists nonetheless.

In season two’s episode The Thaw (episode 23), Ensign Harry Kim volunteers to go into a computer program via a stasis unit in order to investigate people frozen in the other units. It’s a trippy and meh episode in my opinion. Yet, at one point Kim is being overwhelmed by the experience, prompting Janeway to project a hologram of herself into the simulation, to offer words of encouragement to Kim.

Fear exists in our day to day. It makes people mad, fearful, angry, hurt and so many other nasty things. Yet, remember to forge forward in spite of this is our true defining trait during this pandemic. It’s ok to be afraid, just don’t let it win.

Be safe, be kind, and help one another when you can.

We’re all in this together.