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Sunday Selections: Terrorism In Star Trek – Part One by Trekspertise

Star Trek grapples with a great many moral conundrums and complexities, but maybe none more so than the idea of terrorism in the ’90s.

This week’s Sunday Selection is a YouTube video by Trekspertise that highlights the use of terrorism in the world of Star Trek. The video, which is about thirty minutes long, is part one of a series by the folks at Trekspertise. In the first video, the narrator highlights the most obvious uses of terrorism in the series, namely the Maquis.

Using the story elements of the Maquis, the video highlights and informs the viewers on the history of the group across all three shows at the time, Star Trek’s Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. It highlights a lot of the elements used in these instances while focusing on Ro Laren and Kira Nerys of Next Generation and Deep Space 9 respectively.

The video also looks at lesser talked about moments on the series that surrounds the topic, namely on Next Generation and Deep Space 9. The video does mainly highlight the Cardassians and Bajoran conflict and of course the border dispute in and around the demilitarized zone.

It’s not so much a video that takes a stance, more of a retrospective of the events used in the series that highlight the talking points of the debate on terrorism. The video is well done, with great editing and a simplified version of events for any fan, old or new, to be able to grasp without all the extra fluff that may bog down a recap of this size.

There is a second parting ‘coming soon’ but I can’t seem to find a date for the release. So there may not be one. Since the channel posts rather infrequently, it might be a month or so. Be sure to subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed part one and if you’re interested in part two, or just check back on occasion to see if it gets posted.