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A Major Star Trek: TNG Prop Was Repurposed From Hunt for Red October's Set

Star Trek: The Next Generation graphic designer Michael Okuda revealed a secret of movie lore: pieces of The Hunt for Red October's nuclear submarine survived 400 years into the future, as part of the Enterprise-D.

"When the missile bay [of the Red October submarine set] was demolished after filming, I 'borrowed' a pile of vacuformed wall panels," Okuda tweeted. "Production designer Richard James used them in the Ent-D's Jefferies tube set." Included with the tweet is an undated photo from Star Trek: TNG, with red arrows drawn on it marking the panels in the Jefferies Tube.

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Okuda noted that Red October was released "30 yrs ago, today" and was filmed at Paramount Pictures; likewise Star Trek: TNG was filmed there. The 1990 spy thriller starring Sean Connery, and Alec Baldwin as Jack Ryan, is about a Soviet submarine captain who wishes to defect with his crew to the United States, and who also intends to deliver his nation's new nuclear vessel, which has advanced missile capabilities.

Jefferies Tubes are key parts of the Enterprise infrastructure, conduits for plumbing, energy and other needs that allow engineering personnel access to all parts of the ship. They are named for the late Matt Jefferies, set designer and prop designer for the original Star Trek series, who died in 2003.


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