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Jem’Hadar down the Hirogen in last week’s Star Trek poll

The Jem’Hardar had the power of the Star Trek fanbase flowing through their veins, as they downed the Hirogen in last week’s Friday Night Fight.

The Jem’Hadar have won another victory in the name of the Dominion. The Jem’Hadar were victorious in last week’s Friday Night Fights with the Gamma Quadrant’s vicious warrior race seemingly capturing the hearts of the fans as they outpaced the Hirogen. While a bit surprising that they won by 20%, not at all unexpected considering the love fans have for all things-Star Trek:Deep Space 9.

The Jem’Hadar are pretty popular and might be one of the most popular races in all of Star Trek lore. Their use in the 90s made them very well known and they’re a race with a sorrowful sense of purposeful. That’s part of the reason they were featured so prominently on Deep Space Nine. As opposed to the Hirogen, who was only in a handful of episodes across the latter parts of Star Trek: Voyager. The Jem’Hadar’s in-canon lore on the television series arguably trumps the Hirogen. Plus, the Hirogen are very loosely based on the Predator alien from the Predator franchise. These are some of the reasons why the Hirogen were victorious.

Though, it’s not just the on-screen time that gave them their win. Personally, I think it’s also because both races represent their specific shows. The Jem’Hadar was a Deep Space 9 race, the Hirogen, a Star Trek: Voyager race. Deep Space 9 seen as the ‘better’ show, though I don’t necessarily agree. They’re both my favorite shows in the franchise.

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