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Star Trek: Enterprise’s Jonathan Archer reminds us that making mistakes is human

Jonathan Archer of Star Trek: Enterprise often gets overlooked by Trek fans but he’s just as full of amazing quotes as any other Starfleet Captain.

Jonathan Archer is a gem. The main character of Star Trek: Enterprise and the first captain of the titular ship, often fails to make waves in the fandom. In part because the series he was on wasn’t met with the most critical of approval. So Archer and his actor, Scott Bakula, are often frozen out when fans talk about memorable quotes or moments. Not this writer, however.

The Bakula is gold in my book.

This week’s Saturday Night Seminar takes us to the first episode of the second season of Enterprise. Archer is up against it again, having to deal with those ‘point eared bastards’. Vulcan ambassador Soval is in the middle of criticizing Archer and his crew for Soval believes to be a lack of success during their first ten months as a ship. Archer though isn’t having his guff.

Jonathan Archer from Shockwave, Part II 

I think that’s a good sentiment to have during this period of a shutdown. We’re going to be a bit antsy. A big angsty even. We’re going to snip and snipe. Yet it’s important to remember that it takes us a while to adapt and we will as needed. As a species, we’re tougher than we realize. So it’s always good to remember these words.

Learn from your mistakes. You’ll make plenty of them, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discover something new.