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Star Trek: Picard – 10 Things We're Looking Forward To In Season 2

After two decades spent in reclusive retirement Jean-Luc Picard, one of the most beloved characters in the Star Trek franchise, returned to save the galaxy. When Patrick Stewart began the process of filmingStar Trek: Picardhe stated that there was enough material outlined for several seasons of the CBS series, and if Season 1 has been any indication, the best is yet to come. Picard has a new crew and a new lease on life, having finally found his purpose once again.

Star Trek fans enjoyed the nostalgic reunion of characters from both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, Romulan conspiracies, heroic acts of selflessness, and many a Picard monologue. They also enjoyed all of the new characters brought into Picard's life, and look forward to their further adventures in a much-changed universe. Here are 10 things we're looking forward to in Season 2!


After Season 1, the series will arrive at the time in all good Star Trek series when the crew has been given its context, and all exposition is finished. This allows for all the different personalities to start to complement each other as a family, and real bonds to start to form.

Soji has decided to leave her synthetic collective and accompany Picard, Raffi, Rios, Elnor, and Seven of Nine on their further adventures. Even Agnes who once hated space travel is now a member of the crew, a group that she said was the closest she had ever had to family. Inside jokes, engage!


Even though many XB's (Ex-Borgs) were lost thanks to Narissa's conspiracy to destroy the Borg Reclamation Project, many managed to stay alive thanks to the resourceful thinking of Seven of Nine. Though she isn't their defacto Borg Queen, she may lead them into a new era of prosperity.

Hugh, late Director of the Borg Reclamation Project was able to make the XB's be seen as victims, not monsters, so perhaps they'll take their place as part of the Federation as an entirely new race of people. If the XB's can show that they're able to acclimate to civilized society, they may be valuable allies in future encounters with the Borg. Will they get to inherit the Artifact?


With the destruction of Romulus and the collapse of the Neutral Zone, the Fenris Rangers had to provide law and order in reaches of space far from Federation jurisdiction. Led by Seven of Nine, the Fenris Rangers offer aid to those in need, defenseless against the violence of the criminal underworld that operates with impunity.

It looks like Seven of Nine has a new ally in Elnor, who has taken quite a shine to the ex-Borg vigilante. Having recently lost Icheb, who was about Elnor's age, she may be able to utilize his warrior skills while developing a similar maternal bond with him. Besides, he's sworn to defend those whose cause is lost.


Part of the fun of watching Star Trek: Picard has been to see how favorite characters from prior Star Trek series have fared over the past several decades. While fans got to see Data, Hugh, Seven of Nine, Will Riker, and Deanna Troi, Geordi LaForge and Worf were only mentioned in passing.

It's been rumored that Voyager's EMH played by Robert Picardo will make an appearance in Season 2, so it's anyone's guess which new old faces will appear. Perhaps Wesley is the captain of his own ship somewhere. Geordie was operating out of the Mars shipyards when the synths attacked but managed to get to safety, so perhaps he'll reveal himself in future episodes.


After first the Tal Shiar's subterfuge, then the Zhat Vash infiltration of Starfleet for decades, and finally the false flag operation which resulted in the destruction of the Mars shipyards and the banning of synthetic lifeforms, Star Trek: Picard could have big plans to go after the Romulan secret police.

In an unprecedented act of war, the Tal Shiar's actions will have a ripple effect all across the Federation and the Romulan Empire. It could mean another full-scale assault or, at the very least, a continuation of the standoff that happened at the Season 1 finale.

5 Q

One of the most notable absences, when it came to Star Trek alum on the series, was Q, the immortal trickster who so memorably played puppet master to Picard's life on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Showing up at the most inopportune times, he constantly found new ways to test Picard - both his morals and his patience.

Star Trek fans are predicting that actor John De Lancie might appear in Season 2 now that Picard is back in action. How could Q stay away so long, especially when Picard is back soaring among the stars and not spending his golden years wasting away at his family's winery?


In a very poignant moment on The View, host Whoopi Goldberg received a special request from guest Patrick Stewart. On behalf of the creative team and producers behind Star Trek: Picard,  he formally invited her to reprise her role as a Guinan, the insightful bartender on the Enterprise during Star Trek: The Next Generation.She accepted with enthusiasm.

Guinan was an old associate of Picard's, who shared a deep connection with the captain that was "more than family" and "more than friends". The nature of the relationship was always deeply mysterious, but perhaps in Season 2, fans will finally get some answers to its origins.


The La Sirena became a hub of romantic activity in season 1. Viewers watched dashing Captain Rios and shy cyberneticist Agnes Jurati form a close bond on their mission to find Soji, and it was clear by stopping in at the Riker residence that the great affection that originated in Star Trek: The Next Generation still blooms between Will Riker and his wife, Deanna Troi.

In the final shot of the season finale, both Seven of Nine and Raffi are seen speaking quietly and holding hands, implying that the mutual respect between them has grown into something more intimate. It will be interesting to see where that goes, and what happens romantically to the sheltered Romulan Elnor.


The series was characterized by a salient level of cynicism, beginning with the Federation and Starfleet depicted as intolerant, prejudicial, and paranoid. A sense of hope and optimism could not even be found in Jean-Luc himself, one a paragon of such ideals. Only in the finale did a sense of unabashed faith in the future curb the bleakness that hung over the series like a shroud.

Fans are encouraged that the new mood for the next season might be more positive, especially with Picard given a new lease on life now that his Irumodic Syndrome has been cured. The characters all seem in a better place now that they've saved the galaxy and found each other, primed for their next adventures.


Longtime fans were looking forward to catching up with not just Picard and some of his officers from the Enterprise, but the inhabitants of Federation space and beyond. With the state of Starfleet ambiguous in the series, what was the state of the Klingons? The Cardassians? The rest of the Borg Collective?

The Star Trek canon can be expanded by the La Sirena going to more parts of the galaxy, seeing more planets and more alien species. Star Trek is known for seeking out "new life and new civilizations", regardless of whether it's from the bridge of the Enterprise or not.