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Where Every Star Trek Character Is After Picard

Where are all the main players after season 1 of Star Trek: Picard? The opening season of Jean-Luc's solo series ended in dramatic fashion, as the hero of Star Trek: The Next Generation managed to save the galaxy with his dying breaths, before being resurrected in an artificial body - becoming a synth himself after championing the species for so long. With the Romulan Zhat Vash gunning for the synth homeworld, Soji and her people responded to an intergalactic ad from a powerful, faraway Synth Federation who promised to wipe out their organic suppressors. Ultimately, Picard's words won Soji over, and the oncoming rush of metal tentacles was called off.

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Despite the gravity of the themes at play, Star Trek: Picard season 1 ends on an uplifting note, as Jean-Luc's consciousness is copied into an artificial body that will simulate the length of the former Admiral's life if he wasn't afflicted with the brain abnormality that eventually killed him. Mostly everybody of note in Star Trek: Picard gets to live to see another day, but aside from the core cast, the series also furthered the stories of some classic characters from The Next Generation.

As Star Trek: Picard's finale closes, the fates of these characters vary greatly. Some are hopeful, others uncertain, and some have come to an emotional end. Here's where every Star Trek character ends up after Picard's solo series concluded its debut run.

Jean-Luc Picard

In "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2," Picard finally succumbs to the abnormality in his parietal lobe, an illness first hinted at in Star Trek: The Next Generation and then referred to again during Picard's latest pre-flight medical. The defect was always destined to claim Jean-Luc's life, and so it proved to be, but only after averting galactic destruction. Fortunately, Bruce Maddox had been working on a method of replicating a person's consciousness and the combined smarts of Dr. Soong and Dr. Jurati rescued Picard by essentially transferring his mind into a synthetic host.

Having been granted a few more years, Picard decides to set out on a new adventure aboard La Sirena, his relationship with Starfleet seemingly mended after Commodore Oh was outed as a spy. In a quasi-admiral capacity, Picard's new crew consists of Captain Rios and Dr. Jurati (who are now romantically attached), Seven of Nine and Raffi (who are now romantically attached) and Elnor and Soji (who are not romantically attached... yet). Where this motley bunch will travel to next is anyone's guess, but Soji expresses a desire to explore now that the ban on synths has been successfully lifted.


Brent Spiner's Data made a brief appearance during Star Trek: Picard's premiere episode in a dream sequence, but was absent right up until the final act. After his death, Picard's "brain substrates" were copied and uploaded into the empty Golem. While hooked up to the Google Drive of the late 24th century, however, Picard's consciousness was afforded one final conversation with Data, thanks to the memories the android was able to transfer into B-4 before being destroyed in Star Trek: Nemesis. Reunited, in a sense, Picard and Data reminisce, affirm their love and respect for each other, and ponder the meaning of mortality and existence.

Crucially, Data makes one final request of his old captain: to have his consciousness switched off in Soong's lab. Data's time among humans on the Enterprise taught him that the temporary nature of life provides meaning, and in keeping with his eternal quest to be more "human," Data wished to be turned off, effectively killing him. Reluctant, but also understanding completely, Picard and the others carried out Data's final wish, terminating his consciousness. This means, for now at least, Data is dead, but if the android ever needed to come back in Star Trek: Picard season 2, it wouldn't be out of the question for Soong to have his hard drive backed up.

William Riker

When Riker and Deanna Troi first appeared in Star Trek: Picard's "Nepenthe," the married couple were in peaceful retirement, raising their child and cooking pizza in an idyllic rural retreat, while mourning the loss of their son, Thad, who would've survived were it not for the ban on synth production. Despite Picard's reluctance to involve them, Riker and Troi were happy to lend some advice to their former captain's mission and Riker claimed that he was still on Starfleet's "reserve" list - a clear indication of the fist-pumping return to come.

Above Coppelius, Picard and Dr. Jurati were piloting La Sirena against an entire fleet of Romulan warbirds, and had already employed a new and improved version of the Picard maneuver to deter their opponents. Just as Commodore Oh was advancing on the synth settlement, a massive fleet of Starfleet ships warped into view, responding to Picard's earlier plea. As requested, Starfleet were enacting the principles of first contact with the population of Coppelius. Naturally, the fleet was led by none other than Riker, who had demanded temporary reassignment in order to help his old friend, and was now captaining the USS Zheng He, billed as the most powerful ship Starfleet had ever commissioned. Riker's return sets up further adventures for Jonathan Frakes' character in Star Trek: Picard season 2.

Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine returned to the world of Star Trek as a member of the Fenris Rangers vigilantes, flying to the group's aid against a Klingon Bird of Prey and then joining Picard's crew all the way to Freecloud. While Seven initially only had payback on her mind, seeking to avenge the death of Icheb by killing Bjayzl, the Star Trek: Voyager character later returned to help Hugh and Elnor on the Artifact, and piloted the abandoned Borg Cube all the way to Coppelius. While on the Artifact, Seven's desire for revenge was stoked once again after Narissa murdered Hugh, a fellow former Borg. After taking down two despicable opponents, Jeri Ryan's character admits to Rios over a grimace-inducing swig of synth booze that neither murder eased her suffering - just as Picard warned would happen.

Seven manages to find a modicum of solace by connecting with the equally-damaged Raffi and forging a budding romance. Star Trek: Picard season 1 ends with Seven seemingly joining the crew of La Sirena, and thereby setting up the character's return for season 2.


The Enterprise's faithful Klingon, Worf, didn't physically appear in Star Trek: Picard, but was referenced in the series and also featured in The Last Best Hope, a Star Trek: Picard prequel novel by Una McCormack. The story reveals that when Picard left the Enterprise to take command of the Valiant and aid in the evacuation of Romulus, it was Worf who ascended to the captain's chair in Picard's place. Obviously, these events took place just shy of 20 years before Star Trek: Picard, so there's no guarantee that Worf remains the captain of the Enterprise during the series' timeline. Optimistically, Picard's Romulan butler, Zhaban, revealed that Worf wouldn't hesitate to come to Picard's aid if asked, suggesting that the Klingon remains in active service.

Geordi La Forge

Like Worf, Geordi's whereabouts remain somewhat unknown in Star Trek: Picard. The former helmsman of the Enterprise was confirmed to have been working on the Martian Utopia shipyards during the time of the Zhat Vash-orchestrated synth attack, but his survival or otherwise remains ambiguous. However, La Forge is another name Zhaban mentions to Picard as a loyal ally, which he surely wouldn't been a little insensitive if LeVar Burton's character had perished in the incident. Other than that sole name-drop, Geordi's status and whereabouts remain unknown in Star Trek: Picard's first season.


Jonathan Del Arco was another legacy character from The Next Generation to appear in Star Trek: Picard, but his tenure on the new series was tragically short-lived. After Picard unearthed a Romulan conspiracy on the Artifact, Hugh and Elnor attempted a takeover of the ship, but to no avail. Hugh was struck down by Narissa, and the death proved highly controversial among viewers, with some feeling that Hugh's death was more for the sake of plot convenience than dramatic impact. As a former Borg, it's not out of the question that Star Trek: Picard season 2 could find some way of bringing Hugh back to the series, especially considering the mostly negative reaction to his death.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.