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March Madness Star Trek Edition: The Battle for Starfleet Final 4

Star Trek has its final four participants in their battle for Starfleet all set, but which iconic Trek character will head into the final battle?

Brace yourself Star Trek fans, the last three rounds are among us. The Battle for Starfleet has seen another four fall away, and now with only four remaining, the last two rounds for the top dog in Starfleet can commence. The winner will represent the good guys against the representative of the villains in the final March Madness poll. That’ll serve as April 17th’s Friday Night Fight. April 10th will be the finals for the Starfleet, so those are the next two matchups for those wondering.

Surprisingly only one of the four matchups this round was even close. James T. Kirk absolutely handed William Riker his officer rank insignia on a silver platter. The matchup wasn’t even close, with Riker losing 70% to 30%. That wasn’t even the worst of the lopsided matchups. Data destroyed Jonathan Archer 86% to 14% (which broke my heart).

Seven of Nine also had an easy time with T’Pol, 84% to 16% (I’m rounding to the nearest whole figure). Honestly, as happy as I was to see some love for T’Pol and Archer, I wasn’t surprised that they lost, or lost that badly. Doesn’t matter if you’re Nu Trek or Old Trek, everyone backs the classics for some reason.

Lastly, and the only one that was close, was Jean-Luc Picard and Spock. Spock won by just four votes, which was honestly a bit surprising, as the poll started off with Spock in the clear lead.

That leads us to the final four of the Starfleet bracket. James T. Kirk, the representative from the original and Kelvin timelines. He’s taken on the Next Generation’s and Picard’s survivor in Data.

On the other side of the bracket, one that could have a great potential for an upset is Spock vs. Seven of Nine. Another original and Kelvin character takes on a Voyager and Picard character in Seven of Nine.

As mention, voting goes until Thursday. Then Friday starts the week of voting for the final Starfleet winner.