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Star Trek Enterprise: The Zodiac Signs Of The Main Characters

Star Trek: Enterprise tells the story of the early years of Starfleet. Captain Jonathan Archer leads the crew of the starship Enterprise as they boldly explore where no man has gone before. They encounter new alien races, start and end new wars, and ultimately help found the United Federation of Planets. Though this series aired in 2001, its story sets up the Trek universe we know and love.

But who makes up this intrepid crew? What are they like? What are their zodiac signs? And which one most closely resembles you? There are only eight main characters on Enterprise, plus Captain Archer's beagle. Find out if you are represented on this historic crew, now!

9 Captain Archer: Aries

Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula) of the USS Enterprise is a born leader. He is bold, brave, and always up for an adventure. His optimism is contagious, which does a lot for crew morale. There's no one better to captain a ship than an Aries like Captain Archer.

Aries can sometimes get competitive. Archer is no exception there. Whether he's cheering on his beloved water polo team or commanding a battle, he's in it to win. Despite his competitiveness, his heart is open and he's always there to support his crew.

8 Trip Tucker: Leo

Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III (Connor Trinneer) is the Enterprise's Chief Engineer. He's responsible for taking care of the engine and always getting the Captain the power he requires. Trip has a huge, warm personality, like all Leos.

Leos can be stubborn. There's no better example of this than in the interactions between Trip and Sub-Commander T'Pol. Those two butt heads more than anyone else, it's part of their chemistry. But Trip's stubbornness also makes him deeply protective of his crewmates.

7 T'Pol: Taurus

Sub-Commander T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) is the sole Vulcan on the Enterprise, serving as the Science Officer. She is stoic and skeptical, private but caring. Like all Taureans, T'Pol has incredibly strong opinions that she keeps just below the surface.

T'Pol's stubbornness can be a real problem for the Enterprise crew. When she puts her foot down, there is little chance of moving her. But she is also gentle with her crewmates when she needs to be, drawing on her Taurean calmness to do so.

6 Hoshi Sato: Libra

Ensign Hoshi Sato (Linda Park) is the Enterprise's Communications Officer. She is an incredibly talented linguist who takes on every new alien language she encounters with gracious diplomacy. From her intelligence to her social skills, she's a great representative of the Libra sign.

Hoshi does have a strain of that classic Libra insecurity. She's sometimes unsure of her abilities and needs her friends to remind her how amazing she is. Once she has that support, however, Hoshi and all Libras can really shine.

5 Phlox: Virgo

Doctor Phlox (John Billingsley) is, naturally, the ship's Chief Medical Officer. He is Denobulan and serves on the ship as part of the Inter-Species Medical Exchange. Phlox has a wide range of knowledge about many alien species. As a Virgo, he is curious, gentle, and eager to help others. Perfect traits for a doctor.

Virgos are prone to worry. Phlox worries about those around him and, like a Virgo, he throws himself into his work to compensate. This worry makes him kind, however, and he uses his many skills to keep the Enterprise crew healthy.

4 Malcolm Reed: Cancer

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating) is the Tactical Officer aboard the Enterprise. He is the perfect person to be in charge of ship security and defense because as a Cancer he is guarded and protective. Malcolm's deep emotions are concealed behind a thick, tall wall for protection.

Cancers can often be moody and controlling if they feel unstable. Malcolm clings to his security protocols when things go awry, sometimes to a concerning extent. But his skill and protectiveness serve his crewmates well and are indictive of Malcolm's strong feelings for them.

3 Travis Mayweather: Capricorn

Ensign Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery) is the Helmsman on the bridge. He steers the ship wherever the Captain orders. As a Capricorn, he is cool and persistent. He's a focused presence on the bridge, which keeps him and those around him calm during battle.

Capricorns have been accused of being dry and overly practical from time to time. Travis does have some trouble relaxing and letting his personality dazzle. But that just means he works hard and simply doesn't stop until the job is done.

2 Thy'lek Shran: Scorpio

Thy'lek Shran (Jeffrey Combs) is a commander in the Andorian Imperial Guard. He had several altercations with the Enterprise crew before they formed a mutually beneficial allegiance. Shran is suspicious and slow to trust, like most Scorpios.

Shran's relentless frigidity caused quite a bit of strife- and violence- during the early years of Enterprise's mission. But once Archer's trustworthiness was proven, Shran became a valuable ally. A Scorpio's shrewdness easily turns to an unbreakable alliance once given a reason to.

1 Porthos: Saggitarius

Porthos is Captain Archer's pet beagle. He lives aboard Enterprise in the Captain's quarters. Despite being a dog, Porthos is an important member of the crew. He loves the outdoors, though he gets little of that in space. He was the first to exit the shuttlecraft upon reaching a new planet to explore. He's an adventurer, always willing to go where Archer goes even if he's going as far as outer space.

Porthos doesn't always act the perfect gentleman, however. Sometimes his spirit gets him in trouble like when he barks or begs for cheese. But at the end of the day, he's usually using that spunky spirit to protect the person he loves most.