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Paramount Hosting Live Virtual Screening Of Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan

Often considered to be the best entry in the Star Trek movie series, 1982’s Star Trek II:The Wrath of Khan stands up to multiple viewings. From the stripped down plot, a departure from the more philosophy-heavy Star Trek: The Motion Picture, to excellent cast performances, Khan is always worth your time.

In fact, Paramount are celebrating the movie this month with a live virtual screening on April 25th, which is being hosted by Mark A. Altman and Daren Dochterman of the Inglorious Treksperts‘ podcast. With more demand for virtual screenings and fan events due to coronavirus, the studio are running these events to showcase its back-catalogue of titles, with content available through CYA.LIVE.

During the movie, viewers can interact with other fans and provide commentary on the action, while Altman and Dochterman are providing an introduction and Q&A for the screening. You can take part via the CYA app on mobile and on Chrome, with the price of entry only $1.99.

According to, the Wrath of Khan viewing party is just one of many virtual Star Trek events planned for the near future, presumably as a solution to the convention circuit being put on hold. Of these, highlights include Cameo running a fundraising COVID-19 panel on April 18th that will feature Jonathan Frakes, and the Lambda Quadrant’s first “HoloCon” meet-ups. For the latter events, there’ll be panels, cosplay and a special guest appearance by Star Trek: Deep Space Nines Nicole de Boer.

It’s clear, then, that Star Trek fans aren’t letting the lockdown prevent them from engaging with their community, even if only virtually. In the past month, we saw a celebration of First Contact Day on social media, while series stars like Patrick Stewart and William Shatner are doing their part by presenting speeches and “captain’s log” updates. With the back-catalogue of Star Trek easily accessible via Netflix and other streaming services, now is definitely a good time to immerse yourself in the franchise.

Source: TrekMovie