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Star Trek: Rosario Dawson Wants to Play Q

Rosario Dawson has her sights set on the Star Trek universe. There are already rumors that she's been cast as Ahsoka Tano in the next season of The Mandalorian, which would bring her into the Star Wars universe. Dawson told Variety that nothing is confirmed at this point, but she does aspire to join both the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. “The two universes, Star Trek and Star Wars," Dawson says. "I get in those two, I’m telling you, man, that’s it. I will just retire. And then I can just concentrate on going to school and running for office. That would be it."

Dawson says she would be happy to play a background alien like a Vulcan or Romulan, but she'd really like to play Q. Playing that kind of near-omnipotent being would give her the opportunity to appear in Star Trek shows spread across time and space. “I mean it would be great ‘cause then I could jump on Discovery. I could be on Picard. I just want to be with Jean-Luc Picard,” Dawson said.

Dawson has expressed her love of Star Trek before, saying she'd love to play a Klingon in Star Trek: Picard. “I grew up loving Star Trek and I’m still waiting for my holodeck,” Dawson said in 2018 “My favorite is Next Generation because of Jean-Luc Picard. If they need a Klingon for the new series, well, have you seen my fivehead? I love Star Trek because I always marveled at the idea of a world without capitalism."

Her love of Star Trek is one thing Dawson has in common with her partner, Senator Cory Booker. During his bid for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidacy, Booker attended the Star Trek Las Vegas convention and revealed his favorite Star Trek captain is Jena-Luc Picard. “Besides his great haircut, I do love how profoundly intellectual he is and how reasoned and thoughtful,” Booker says. “I was just rewatching the episode with him and Wesley Crusher, basically the one where Wesley is leaving and they get trapped and Picard is injured [Season 4’s “Final Mission”]. He is incredibly affectionate toward him in a very restrained, British way. You could still see that he is still a nurturing leader. There’s something about his style that I’ve just found compelling."

As for whether he viewed Picard as a Democrat and Kirk as a Republican, Booker replied, “Kirk is from Iowa. It’s so hard for me to answer that question because in the same way, if you look back 50 years ago, blacks were Republicans. So I’m trying to think if you want to look at the classical ideas of the party. I really think where the Republican Party has jolted, that it is now the party of Trump, I definitely do not think either of them would be that.”

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