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Which Star Trek Captain Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

The venerated captains of Star Trekare renowned for being among the bravest and most diplomatic leaders found in the many sci-fi franchises. Each has had their own method and manner of commanding their respective starships, and fans have faithfully followed their daring exploration of the cosmos in the many Star Trek series and films.

Whether fans like the rebellious but dynamic Captain Kirk, the diplomatic but sagacious Captain Picard, or a wild card like Captain Lorca, there's a leader for every taste. Find out which Star Trek Captain you are based on your zodiac sign from the choices below. Engage!


Brave, adventurous, and confident, Captain James T. Kirk of the 23rd century's USS Enterprisecombined daring ideas with Starfleet diplomacy to get results during his five-year mission in Star Trek: The Original Series. 

Like a true Aries, Kirk was bold and pioneering, often having to rely on his own quick-thinking rather than Starfleet protocol to keep him and his crew safe. Though he could be impulsive, his maverick methods ensured he would become a decorated Rear Admiral one day.


Reliable and inventive, Kathryn Janeway had to continuously think on her feet in order to get her crew safely through the Delta Quadrant, the mysterious region where the USS Voyagerwas unexpectedly deposited in Star Trek: Voyager.

Her Taurus persistence saw her through a journey that lasted years, while her patience and determination kept crew morale up even as the dangers mounted. She could occasionally be inflexible, but she only ever had her crew's best interest at heart.


In the 22nd century, Jonathan Archer led the Enterprise NX-01, revered as United Earth's first starship. He was responsible for Starfleet's early formation and the development of the United Federation of Planets.

As a Gemini, his adaptability and versatility served him well in the early days of Starfleet, while his intellect and curiosity led him to conceive of a Federation future generations would flourish in. Future captains would pay credit to his imagination.


The commander of one of Starfleet's most important space stations Deep Space 9Captain Benjamin Sisko kept the rocky peace between the Bajorans on the planet below and the Cardassians in the space surrounding it, all while protecting a stable wormhole that linked to the far side of the galaxy.

Sisko's shrewd Cancer qualities kept the station in line, though later in Star Trek: Deep Space Nineit was his out-of-box thinking that maintained its equilibrium even in defiance of Starfleet protocol. Like many of his sign, he was prone to moodiness.


An enthusiastic and daring captain in the 23rd century, Captain Gabriel Lorca led theUSS Discoverya starship renowned in Starfleet for the speed it obtained from its unique "spore drive."

Like most Leos, Lorca was capable of thinking in a broad scope, while bestowing faith in those crewmen he deemed loyal to his ideas. As warm-hearted and generous as he was, his dark side made him capable of patronizing and dismissing anyone who stood against his plans.


The first Vulcan to ever enlist in Starfleet, Spock served faithfully under Captain Christopher Pike and Captain James Kirk before he retired to Vulcan. A premonition about the coming of V'ger in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan saw him promoted to captain.

Spock used his logical principles to dictate his leadership parameters, and like a true Virgo, he was a practical and diligent commander. While he could be stubbornly strong-willed, it always for the greater good, including when he sacrificed himself.


The diplomatic and urbane commander aboard the USS Enterpriseunder Captain Jean Luc Picard, William Riker became an acting captain himself on numerous occasions both in the Star Trek: The Next Generationseries and its films. In Star Trek: Nemesis, he ended the film heading off to captain the USS Titan.

Like most Libras, Riker could be effortlessly easygoing and sociable, beloved by his crew. His breezy confidence belied an indecisiveness that he was forced to conquer during battle simulations. He passed on opportunities to command until the time was right, and found that his self-doubt was unwarranted.


In Star Trek: DiscoveryStar Trek fans got to see much more of Christopher Pike, the intrepid commander of the USS Enterprisebefore Captain Kirk assumed the position.

Unlike his portrayal in Star Trek: The Original Series, this Captain Pike was determined and forceful, with a passion for his position and the ideologies of Starfleet. He could be stubborn and abrasive at times, but more often than not, this was a reflection of the tough love he dispensed to his crew.


Captain Cristóbal Rios was a former Starfleet officer who left his commission behind after personal trauma to pursue flying under his own code. His ship was the private merchant vessel La Sirena, which he used on a special mission involving former Admiral Jean Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard. 

Like a true Sagittarius, Captain Rios could be as charming as he could be tactless. He pursued freedom and independence at all cost, which occasionally led to poor decision making and blind carelessness when it came to the lives of his friends.


Captain of the USS Franklinin the 22nd century, Balthazar Edison engaged the Xindi and the Romulans in multiple conflicts, favoring aggressive military tactics over the Federation's diplomacy and tolerance.

As a Capricorn, Captain Edison was incredibly ambitious, believing that he needed to destroy the Federation for its peaceful coexistence with former enemies. When his ship was abandoned by Starfleet after winding up in a wormhole, his pessimism consumed him (along with a strange mutation), and he vowed to destroy the organization.


Revered for his humanitarian diplomacy and his steadfast style of leadership, Captain Jean Luc Picard assumed command of the USS Enterprise from Captain James Kirk. He had a knack for bringing out the best in his crew and giving inspirational monologues.

Like many an Aquarius, Captain Picard could be contrary in nature. An intensely private person, he was capable of being both emotionally unavailable and genuinely warm-hearted to those he kept in his inner circle. Like many of his sign, he championed individual agency.


One of the most well-respected commanding officers in the 23rd century, Captain Philippa Georgiou led the USS Shenzhou, the starship that was involved in an incident that precipitated the war between the Federation and the Klingons.

Both compassionate and firm like many Pisces, Captain Georgiou's captaincy commanded respect in Star Trek: Discovery, especially from her second in command Michael Burnham. Unfortunately, her selfless nature ended up getting her killed in action.


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