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The Mandalorian Actor Eyed To Play Captain Kirk In Star Trek: Enterprise

There’ve been many actors to play Christopher Pike across Star Treks lifespan, since Kirk’s predecessor as captain of the Enterprise debuted in The Original Series’ pilot back in 1966. Anson Mount might just be the most popular, though, as his take on the heroic, tragic Starfleet icon went down a storm with fans when he joined the franchise in Star Trek: Discoveryseason 2. With season 3 now moving the show into the far future, folks shouldn’t expect more of him on the series, butit’s looking like we can rest assured he’ll be back again soon.

And that’s because according to The Cinema Spot, CBS All Access is now developing Star Trek: Enterprise, a new spinoff series centered around Captain Pike. While exciting news, this shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise. After all, We Got This Covered told you several months ago that a Pike spinoff was in the works. What is surprising, however, is the next part of the story.

The outlet notes that James T. Kirk will appear in the show and that CBS now has their eye on The Mandalorian‘s Jake Cannavale for the role. Apparently, he recently had a screentest with Discovery‘s Ethan Peck and while he’s not the only one in the running for the part, the network is said to be keen on him. No further details were revealed and it’s unclear how he’d fit into the plot and how large a role he’d play in the series, but obviously, this is pretty exciting news.

Of course, there’ve been calls for CBS to give us a Pike spinoff for a few years now. EP Alex Kurtzman addressed the possibility a while back and refused to rule it out, and as we quickly approach the launch of Discovery season 3, those calls have only grown louder.

Now, it seems the network has listened to the fans and will indeed be bringing us that much requested spinoff in the form of Star Trek: Enterprise. No word yet on which other classic characters might be joining Pike and Kirk, but as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: The Cinema Spot


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