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Jeffrey Combs should play Dr. Boyce on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Jeffrey Combs has been apart of the franchise across two series and he should be the pick to play Dr. Boyce in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Full disclosure, I’m not that familiar with the original series and therefore have very little personal stake in who plays Dr. Boyce, if anyone. There’s no indication he’ll be in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, but it’s very likely he will be. Yet, if anyone should play him why not Jeffrey Combs? Combs isn’t just a great actor, he’s Trek Royalty. He’s been so many great characters across the show but most notably Wayun in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Shran in Star Trek: Enterprise. He’s also played an additional four characters across those previous two shows and Star Trek: Voyager, not too mention lent his voice to three video games as well that bare the Star Trek name.

Beyond that, he absolutely killed it (ha!) in The Frighteners and was one of the better voice actors in Justice League Unlimited. Combs could be cast in a Star Trek: Voyager reboot as Katherine Janeway and I would be 100% behind the casting. He’s that amazing.

More so, it feels like he’s always been a Trek-bridesmaid. Combs deserves a leading role in one of the Trek shows and why not Strange New Worlds?

When picked up that a few fans were wanting to see this as a story, I knew I had to jump in and shout “Yes!” as loud as possible. It was like when Star Trek: Discovery cast Doug Jones on their show. Whether you like the new Trek or don’t, you have to love Jones! He’s a science fiction icon. I mean, it sucks for him you will never recognize him, mainly because most of his roles involve heeps and heeps of makeup and prosthetics; but I’m still glad he got signed.

Here’s hoping that Combs is considered for a main roll on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. He deserves nothing less.