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5 things Star Trek: Strange New Worlds can give fans

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is going to be coming out soon but it needs to deliver so here are five things the series can give fans to win them over.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will return fans back to a time before Trek as the U.S.S. Enterprise is taking off with Captain Pike in the captain’s chair. He’ll be joined by Number One, Spock, maybe Dr. Boyce and others on their quest to explore the stars.

That all leaves us asking one question. What will the new Star Trek series give fans to make it stand out on its own? With it being another prequel series, the show has to find it’s tone and message early and often. If it doesn’t it risks alienating fans.

These are five ideas the show can use in their first season.

1. Pissy James Kirk

With the rumor that James Kirk might be in this spinoff show as a secondary character, the hope of seeing a young, cadet-aged James Kirk acting like a little punk would be golden. It should be played for lighthearted flare, like in Star Trek (2009) when Bones was constantly shooting Kirk with vaccines so he could smuggle him onto the Enterprise.

2. More Carol Markus

If she’s anything like the Into Darkness version, with that calm and almost aloof-like demeanor where she’s so focused on something that she forgets about everything else; then she should absolutely be involved. If she’s as gorgeous as Alice Eve, that’s just a perk.

3. Captain Pike trying to change his fate

With Captain Pike aware of his fate, maybe seeing him rebel against something preordained would work. It certainly would be a twist to the captain’s chair as no other mainline captain has had his painful future so predictably handed to him. It could also be the show’s theme, no fate but what you make kinda idea. It would give fans a chance to see a captain struggle with accepting what’s to come and trying to either find a way to accept it or embrace it.

4. Archer cameo

Lana. Lannaaa…LAAAANNNNAAAAAAA…..WHAT I meant is Johnathan Archer, of Star Trek: Enterprise. Not Sterling Archer from the fantastic show Archer. It feels like Jonathan Archer doesn’t get the respect or love that he deserves and he’s Scott Gosh-Dang Bakula, people! Hello, he’s the best science fiction actor ever. Bakula and Archer deserve a fitting love-letter from the series and who better to talk Pike about sacrifice and passion for Star Fleet than Archer? It can be through time travel, holodecks, Archer being 140 years old, or something like that. It doesn’t matter how just figure it out.

5. More Andorian’s, Orions, and Remans!

Having more of these aliens would be an awesome gesture from the show. The Andorians really redefined themselves in Star Trek: Enterprise and fans would love to see how this uber anger, paranoid alien race, and ended up after the events of Enterprise. The Remans never get enough love and they’re legitimately terrifying looking. Strong as Romulans and as ferocious as Klingons. As for the Orions, who doesn’t love scantily-clad green women dancing?