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Star Trek Movies Will Never Be As Successful as Marvel Films, Says Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg admits the Star Trek movies will never be as popular as the Marvel films. Back in 2009, the Star Trek franchise got a new lease on life thanks to J.J. Abrams' successful reboot, but the revitalized series didn't last much longer after that. The 2009 Star Trek film spawned two sequels, with the last installment - Star Trek Beyond - coming out in 2016. Despite receiving positive reviews and hitting theaters in time to celebrate the property's 50th anniversary, Star Trek Beyond was a box office disappointment. It grossed only $343.4 million worldwide, losing Paramount money in the process.

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Prior to Star Trek Beyond's premiere, there were plans in place for a fourth entry in the Kelvin Timeline, but nothing has come into fruition since then. One of the reasons for that is there are questions about how viable Star Trek is as a big screen property, particularly in light of Star Trek Beyond's performance. Even those who made the Star Trek movies are aware of the franchise's place in Hollywood's hierarchy, with Pegg stating the sad realization.

Speaking with Collider to promote his new film, Inheritance, Pegg talked about Star Trek's future in film. During the interview, he addressed Star Trek's popularity amongst mainstream audiences when compared to other notable franchise such as the MCU:

Even when the Kelvin Timeline was in its heyday, the movies weren't breaking box office records. The 2009 Star Trek made $385.6 million worldwide, while 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $467.3 million. Those numbers obviously pale in comparison to the MCU, Star Wars, Fast & Furious, which have all made a habit of hitting the $1 billion mark. Paramount's other flagship property, Mission: Impossible, has proven to be a more reliable draw, with 2018's Mission: Impossible - Fallout ranking as that franchise's highest-grossing entry. There's a reason why Mission: Impossible has two sequels coming through the pipeline, while Star Trek isn't a top priority. Though, Noah Hawley is developing a new Star Trek movie, which has given fans some hope.

Pegg seems to have the right idea that the next Star Trek movie should look to keep production costs down so it'll be easier for it to turn a profit. That's definitely logical and is a feasible strategy. Star Trek has endured for more than five decades and has a loyal fan base, so there's certainly interest in future projects. Paramount just has to be cognizant of how large Star Trek's following is and understand they aren't going to post Star Wars or Marvel numbers at the box office if and when Star Trek returns to theaters. A Star Trek film boasting a cheaper budget could be the key to helping the franchise get back on top.

Source: Collider