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Simon Pegg Hasn't Completely Given Up on Star Trek 4

Star Trek favorite Simon Pegg has reassured fans that he still hasn't given up on the idea of Star Trek 4 and a continuation of the Kelvin Timeline.

Pegg has made a name for himself as Montgomery Scott in Paramount's reboot of the Star Trek series. As well as starring in J.J. Abrams' first two movies, Pegg reprised his role for Justin Lin's Star Trek Beyond and also co-wrote the screenplay with Doug Jung. There's been plenty of talk about Star Trek 4, but little information on where things stand now.

Speaking to Movieweb, Pegg explained there are still talks for the franchise to boldly go where it hasn't before. "We're all still in contact, we were emailing with each other the other day, just checking in, 'how are we,' and stuff," said Pegg.

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The star reiterated that everyone is a little busy these days as he continued, "But it's not like any of us have been banging on the door at Paramount saying, 'Hey, when are we doing this?' If they say, 'We'd like to do another movie,' I'm sure we'll all jump at the chance. I miss those guys, and I love making those films."

"But I just don't know," he admitted. "Noah Hawley's project has been mentioned, and maybe that will happen. I don't know anything about that. So yeah, I'm as in the dark as everyone else, I'm in the same boat as you guys."

Aside from the lengthy delay between movies, Pegg said the death of Anton Yelchin "took the wind out of our sails" when it comes to enthusiasm for Star Trek 4. Although Pegg remains hopeful Star Trek 4 could eventually happen, he's previously said Star Trek doesn't make enough money to rival franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite Star Trek Beyond receiving generally positive reviews and earning $343.5 million against a budget of $185 million, the movie needed to make a lot more to break even, and reportedly cost Paramount $50.5 million.

Jessica Jones' S.J. Clarkson was attached to direct the Star Trek 4 but dropped out when the studio temporarily shelved the idea in January 2019. The latest update was that Fargo's Noah Hawley would direct, however, things have once again gone cold. Since Beyond's underwhelming box office performance, casting negotiations have broken down, and there have been continued reports that Quentin Tarantino could helm his own Star Trek movie.

Pegg has continuously said he's not sure that happens next. It seems that even his closeness to Star Trek doesn't mean he has a definitive answer about what's going on.