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Simon Pegg reveals heartbreaking reason Star Trek 4 may not happen

The new Star Trek movies haven’t been the smash hits the studio was hoping for, they did provide some fun to audiences but a fourth appears unlikely.

Simon Pegg doesn’t feel a fourth movie with this current cast is very likely and after speaking to Collider, one can’t argue with his observations. Sometimes things are taken out of one’s control and you can’t really help it. That’s the situation that Star Trek cast, crew, and fans came to accept when the untimely passing of Anton Yelchin in 2016, just about a month before Star Trek: Beyond premiered in theaters.

Yelchin played the iconic Pavel Chekov, and his loss leaves a gaping hole impossible to fill. Something Pegg noted in the interview;

Just because a fourth film may not happen, that doesn’t mean the cast has grown apart. Pegg revealed in the same interview that the group still routinely keeps in contact with one another, showing the deep respect they have. A further peek behind the curtain on how hard it would be for them to do another movie without Yelchin.

Pegg ultimately surmised that due to the Star Trek films low appeal rate, and how they’re niche properties, that a fourth film also seems unlikely from a logistical end as well. He did note that if they’re called to action they would leap at the chance but no one is campaigning for it.

He then went on to note that maybe the best place for Trek is on television (streaming services), to be better able to conduct long-form storytelling.

Would you want to see a fourth Star Trek film with the crew and do you feel that television is perhaps the better format for stories involving Star Trek?